Jennifer Grant receives 2023 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal


Western Engineering is proud to announce that Jennifer Grant, BESc’94, MESc’95, BEd’96, an accomplished biochemical engineer, entrepreneur and the president of Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd., is the 2023 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal recipient.

Each year, Western Engineering presents the Medal to a worthy alum based on their outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, business leadership and community. 

“It is an absolute honour to receive the L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni medal. Graduating as an Engineer from Western University has touched every part of my life, from my professional career to my work in the community and even my role as a mother, daughter, sister and friend,” said Grant. 

With a passion for creativity and problem-solving, Grant has dedicated over 30 years to driving innovative solutions. Her track record of leading large multinational projects has contributed to the success of numerous companies in Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia. Grant's expertise spans multi-million dollar projects, including her notable work with Trojan Technologies, as well as the successful launch of several businesses. At Dell Tech, she leads a team of consultants providing customized regulatory testing and product registrations for global clients across various industries.

Grant is also the founder of empyri, a ground-breaking skincare product line. Through rigorous research and development, she has created a unique line of products based on extracts from the cannabis root. Her novel chemical extraction process sets her products apart from others on the market, revolutionizing the green and clean healthcare product industry without the use of CBD and THC. Her pioneering work in chemical engineering has led to outstanding clinical results for a wide range of skincare issues. 

Her expertise extends beyond engineering, as she possesses a keen sense of innovation and business acumen. From her early days at Trojan Technologies to her independent launch of a packaged food company, Grant has consistently demonstrated her ability to identify opportunities and achieve remarkable results. At Dell Tech, she has implemented a strong expansion strategy, growing the business fivefold in just five years.

When asked what drives her success, Grant shared, “Engineering gave me some very important foundational skills that I’ve capitalized on numerous times in my career. At the core, I’m a process-driven innovator and my desire to optimize processes in every business I own and operate has been one of my greatest competitive advantages.”

She added: “When you really break it down, engineering is all about finding solutions to complex problems, and nothing, in my opinion, presents more situational problems than starting up a business in a competitive space. My deep desire to solve complex problems is what propels me forward every day.

Grant's philosophy of "positive action starts with positive intention" is not only evident in her work but also in her dedication to the community. In response to a tragic incident in an anti-Muslim hate crime, Grant raised funds for a community race foundation to increase awareness of systemic racism. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Health Foundation and is a board member of the London Abused Women’s Centre.

Grant's dedication to Western Engineering and her commitment to giving back to the university community has made a significant impact over the years. Her leadership is evident through her roles as a guest lecturer, keynote speaker, and mentor for women in engineering. Recognizing the importance of hands-on learning experiences, she made significant contributions to the curriculum of ES1050 by transforming it from a traditional lecture-based course to a more active and experiential learning opportunity.

She placed a strong emphasis on engineering design and teamwork, providing students with valuable practical skills and preparing them for real-world engineering challenges. By combining her background in both business and engineering, she helped bridge the gap between disciplines, helping students envision the potential career opportunities that combine both fields. These efforts have elevated the level of learning for students and set Western Engineering apart from other programs.

Grant's commitment to encouraging more women in STEM and engineering is evident in her active involvement within the university community. In 2008, she delivered the keynote address at the Lynda Shaw Memorial Lecture. She has also served as a guest speaker at Women in Engineering's Annual Breakfast and actively participated as a mentor in Women in Engineering networking events.

Grant is an inspiration to women in engineering, entrepreneurs and the community. Her contributions to the engineering profession and business leadership along with her dedication to mentoring future generations of engineers have made a lasting impact.

Western Engineering congratulates Jennifer Grant on receiving the well-deserved 2023 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal, and we extend a sincere thank you for her outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, business leadership and community.