Western Engineering Toboggan Team places 2nd at Edmonton race

Western Engineering News | February 4, 2019

During the week of January 30 to February 3, 2019, 30 members from the Western Engineering Toboggan Team (WETT) travelled to Edmonton, Alberta to compete in the 45th annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race with teams of students from across the country.


Each team is required to design and build a 300-pound toboggan that includes a steel tube superstructure with concrete skis, can seat five people, and can withstand a crash at 65km per hour from various angles. 

In addition to the structure requirements, teams have to come up with a theme. This year, WETT took on a Back to the Future theme, designing their toboggan to replicate the legendary DeLorean.

Over the course of the week, teams are judged in numerous categories including concrete mix design, frame design, steering, braking, a technical report, race day speed, and school spirit. 

Of the 25 teams competing, WETT received 2nd place overall, winning 1st place in concrete mix design and technical presentations, and 3rd place in braking performance and concrete reinforcement.  

“This year, everyone on WETT really put their best foot forward and put countless hours into preparing the technical exhibition and toboggan,” said WETT co-captain Alex Woodcroft. “We’re extremely proud of our results in Edmonton, and couldn’t be happier to take home 2nd place overall, among other category awards. Toronto 2020 here we come!”