Williams receives praise for desire to 'help everyone'

Western Engineering News | May 29, 2015

By Jason Teakle

A devoted staff leader and enthusiastic helper has been recognized by her Western Engineering colleagues for her contributions to the faculty.

Human Resources Manager Sarah Williams was chosen by the awards selection committee as this year’s recipient of the Sharon A. Ling Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement by a Staff Member.

“It was very shocking and humbling,” said Williams. “People put a lot of time and effort into writing letters on my behalf, and I’m very appreciative of that. It means the world to me that people appreciate what I do.”

The Sharon A. Ling Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement by a Staff Member is presented annually to a Western Engineering employee to recognize his or her exceptional long-term contributions in support of academic, research, innovation, public service or administrative missions of the Faculty of Engineering. The award was renamed in 2007 to honour and recognize Sharon Ling, a long-time staff member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sharon was a staff member who passionately dedicated her time and energy for the betterment of the faculty.

Since joining Western Engineering in 2006, Williams has served in several roles throughout the faculty, starting as an undergraduate assistant from 2006-2008, where she implemented a paperless application system for the fall undergraduate awards process, designed various promotion materials and revamped the undergraduate services website.

In 2008, she was promoted to faculty and staff relations coordinator in the Dean’s Office, where she worked alongside the director of administration to manage recruitment, provide support to faculty and staff, payroll, sabbaticals, promotion and tenure and performance review processes.

Five years later, she joined the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering as an administrative officer where she built strong relationships and coordinated projects, including the Green Process Engineering CEAB accreditation. In February 2015, Williams was promoted to Human Resources Manager in the Dean’s Office and serves on various committees, including chair of the WEAct Working Group for Communication, Recognition, Respect and Collaboration.

“Receiving an award is a wonderful thing, but people don’t remember the awards you win – they remember how you made them feel. If I’m going to lead, I’m going to lead with my heart.”

Western’s core values of integrity, respect, commitment to service are displayed by Williams as she provides help to Western Engineering students, faculty and staff. Many nomination letters in support of Williams stated that she is a role model at Western in her tireless enthusiasm to help everyone.

Williams will receive the award during the Western Engineering Faculty & Staff Awards Luncheon on June 17.