Impressive research record earns Nakhla honours

Western Engineering News | May 29, 2015

By Jason Teakle

A Western Engineering faculty member with a reputation for securing dozens of ground-breaking research papers and publishing prestigious journal articles is being lauded for his devotion to engineering practice.

George Nakhla, a professor in the departments of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, is this year’s recipient of the Engineering Prize for Achievement in Research.

Nakhla has been an active researcher for the past 25. His excellent publishing record is evidence of his seminal contributions to the fields of biohydrogen production, wastewater reactor design and anaerobic digestion systems. He has published 185 refereed journal articles, 118 peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 27 presentations at professional conferences and 10 chapters in various books.

During his 15 years at Western Engineering, Nakhla has successfully secured an impressive level of research funding from a range of sources, including the Leaders Opportunity Fund, NSERC, CRD grants, MITACS grants and OCE grants. He is known as an outstanding, internationally recognized researcher and expert in the field of wastewater treatment, process engineering, biohydrogen generation and biological nutrient recovery.

Nakhla is highly respected by former students, colleagues and industrial partners for his leadership, hard work and exceptional contributions of impact to engineering literature and practice. His research has, and continues to have, a very strong and measurable impact on both Western Engineering and engineering practice overall.