MME student projects place third in student design poster competition

Western Engineering News | July 2, 2014

Two Mechanical and Materials Engineering undergraduate design projects tied for third place in the Student Design Poster Competition at the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2014, held June 1-4 at the University of Toronto.

The two projects are: the "Labatt Condensate System Project," led by Michelle Lyle, Daniel Nevin and William Bonnycastle, under the supervision of professors Ralph Buchal and Walid Altahan, and the "Western Aero Design" project, led by Mohamed Abbas, Alexander Fung, Drew Shaule, Clayson Colbran, Dylan Fonger, Blair Simpson, Justing Souter, Brady O'Sullivan and Matt Brezina, and supervised by Ralph Buchal.

There were 18 posters submitted. The projects are derived from fourth-year Mechanical Engineering capstone design classes and thesis projects. The winning projects are selected based on engineering design, technical content and overall impression as voted by the attendees of the CSME/CFDSC 2014.

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