Mechanical and Materials EngineeringWestern Engineering


Current Projects

  1. Numerical Investigation of the Flow Fields within Novel, Compact Compressors, with Pratt and Whitney Canada.  

  2. Development of High Efficiency Biofiltration Systems Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools, with BIOREM Technologies Inc.

Past Projects

  1. Computational Flow Dynamic Analysis of Air Distribution in Biofilters and Biotrickling Filters, with BIOREM Technologies Inc., 2009.

  2. CFD Modeling and Design Recommendation for REC Engine, with for Revolution Engine Corporation, 2009.

  3. Revolution Engine Combustor CFD Model, with Revolution Engine Corporation, 2008.

  4. CFD Simulation of Pneumatic Feedback Oscillator Circuit, with Random Technologies Canada Inc., 2007.

  5. Numerical Simulations of the Existing Heating Furnace and Modified Heating Furnace, with MPD Welding Ltd., 2005.

  6. Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Different Lamp Heat Sink Designs, with PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, 2005.

  7. Transient Heat Transfer Study for an Insulation Box, with D&D Automation Inc., 2005.

  8.  Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow in the Houdry Catalytic Cracker, with Sunoco, 2002.

  9.  Modeling of Turbulence and Flow Dynamics in Solid-Vapor Suspensions, with Syncrude Canada, 2002.