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Research Interests

My research interests lie in the general area of physical metallurgy and materials selection in engineering design.

More specifically, I am currently involved in research that is exploring methods to improve the strengthening of multi-phase metals by utilizing novel deformation processing techniques. Many common high-strength materials (for example piano wire and guitar strings) achieve their high strength only after having been deformed to very large strains. We are investigating techniques to speed-up the strengthening process and thereby improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

In a related project, members of my research group are developing a technique based on electrical resistivity measurement that will be used to characterize the internal structure of these multi-phase metals. This technique will be useful because it will significantly reduce the need for time-consuming and often costly transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

A third area of my research is concerned with the mechanical performance of magnesium die-castings. Die-cast magnesium components are finding widespread use in the automotive and consumer electronics industries because of their very low mass. The research project aims to improve our current understanding of the factors that affect the mechanical performance of these components. This will lead to the ability to more accurately predict and control the properties of the castings and therefore create more efficient component designs.

In the past, I have conducted research on various materials including aluminum based metal-matrix composites for the automotive industry; high-strength, high-electrical conductivity materials for pulsed magnets; and the production and design of metallic foams for a variety of commercial uses.

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We are always looking for exceptional graduate students so interested applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae and a one page Statement of Interest to Brigitte Kok Madsen.