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My main research interest is in experimental studies of rate-dependent plasticity in materials with a particular focus on the effect of microstructural interfaces, such as grain boundaries and interphase boundaries, on local variations in plasticity in a material.

My lab at Western University is equipped with High Temperature Nano/Micro-Indentation facilities. My research group also makes use of specialized materials characterization facilities found at Western and at other Universities in Southern Ontario.

My Research Group

Past Students

Ph.D. Theses

  1. Sathish Kannan; Factors involved in machining metal matrix composites. Started Sept. 2001 transferred to the University of New Brunswick in Dec. 2002. (co-supervised with H.Y. Feng)

  2. Hadi Mohammadi; Experimental testing and finite element modeling of the stress state in artificial heart valves. Started in September 2003, Completed in August 2008 (co-supervised with W. Wan)

  3. Jonathan Weiler; Aspects of the influence of microstructure on the local mechanical properties of die-cast magnesium. Started in May 2005, completed August 2009 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood)

  4. Vineet Bhakhri; Measurement of the local high-temperature plasticity of gold using nano-indentation. Started in May 2005, completed September 2009 (sole supervisor)

  5. Bipasha Bose; Local time-dependent deformation of zirconium alloys. Started in September 2007, completed April 2012 (sole supervisor).

  6. Richard Oviasuyi; Investigation Of The Use Of Micro-Mechanical Testing To Analyze The Mechanical Anisotropy Of The Zr-2.5%Nb Pressure Tube Alloy. Started in January 2008, completed April 2012 (sole-supervisor).

  7. Meysam Haghshenas; Local plastic strain resulting from splined mandrel flow forming. Started in January 2009, completed April 2013 (sole-supervisor).

  8. Ariful Islam; Time dependent plastic deformation of gold micro-pillars. Started in September 2010, in progress (sole supervisor).

Masters of Engineering Science Theses:

  1. Rishi N. Saraf; Investigation of the creep behaviour of Al-based composites made by the powder metallurgy technique. Started in September 2000. Completed November 1, 2002. (sole supervisor)

  2. Fardad Azarmi; Investigation of the creep properties of SiO2 and NiAl particulate reinforced aluminum-based composites. Started in January 2001. Completed in January 16, 2003. (sole supervisor)

  3. Vineet Bhakhri; High temperature micro-indentation creep of aluminum-based alloys and composites. Started in January 2003, Completed on December 16, 2004. (sole supervisor)

  4. Jonathan Weiler; Correlation between mechanical strength and microstructural voids in die-cast magnesium. Started in January 2003, Completed on April 21, 2005. (co-supervised with J.T. Wood)

  5. Margaret Li; Mechanical properties of composite materials for biomedical applications. Started in September 2003, withdrawn from graduate program October 2004. (co-supervised with A. Rizkalla)

  6. Thamir El-Madhoun; Indentation testing of aluminum transfer to steel at high temperature. Started in September 2003, Completed on August 23, 2006. (sole supervisor).

  7. Yong Liu; Use of nano-indentation to measure the local mechanical properties of deposited metal layers used in MEMS devices. Started in May 2005, Completed in May 2008 (sole supervisor).

  8. Matthew Roy; Use of micro-indentation to measure the local plastic strain in steel automotive transmission components. Started in September 2005, Completed in October 2007 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  9. Bipasha Bose; Microstructural effects on the nanoindentation creep of a 2024 aluminum alloy at 300K. Started in January 2006. Completed in August 2007 (Sole supervisor).

  10. Philip Tomlinson; Finite element models of the local plastic strain incurred in steel parts during flowforming operations. Started in May 2006. Completed in August 2007 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  11. Ariful Islam; Finite element simulation of the local plastic strain state around pyramidal indentations. Started in January 2008. Completed in April 2010 (sole Supervisor).

  12. Probal Chanda; Local plastic strain incurred in steel parts during flowforming operations. Started in May 2008. Completed in September 2010 (sole supervisor).

  13. Brandon Vriens; Effect of process parameters on splined mandrel flow forming. Started in September 2010. Completed in December 2012 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  14. Heygaan Rajakumar; Effect of ion irradiation on the high temperature deformation properties of structural materials for next generation supercritical water cooled nuclear reactors. Started in May 2012 (sole supervisor).