My main research interest is in experimental studies of rate-dependent plasticity in materials with a particular focus on the effect of microstructural interfaces, such as grain boundaries and interphase boundaries, on local variations in plasticity in a material.

My lab at Western University is equipped with High Temperature Nano/Micro-Indentation facilities. My research group also makes use of specialized materials characterization facilities found at Western and at other Universities in Southern Ontario.

My Research Group

  1. AZM Ariful Islam - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boronizing of Nickel Alloys.
  2. Maisaa Tawfeeq - Ph.D. Candidate - Ductility of ion-implanted nickel alloys
  3. Md Imran Khan - Ph.D. Candidate - Ductility of ion-irradiated zirconium alloys
  4. Mahdi Bagheripoor - Ph.D. Candidate - Simulation of the operative mechanisms of dislocation nucleation in deformed FCC metal nanostructures
  5. Loabat Shojaei Kavan - Ph.D. Candidate - Microcantilever beam testing of ion-irradiated Inconel X750

Past Students

Ph.D. Theses

  1. Sathish Kannan; Factors involved in machining metal matrix composites. Started Sept. 2001 transferred to the University of New Brunswick in Dec. 2002. (co-supervised with H.Y. Feng)

  2. Hadi Mohammadi; Experimental testing and finite element modeling of the stress state in artificial heart valves. Started in September 2003, Completed in August 2008 (co-supervised with W. Wan)

  3. Jonathan Weiler; Aspects of the influence of microstructure on the local mechanical properties of die-cast magnesium. Started in May 2005, completed August 2009 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood)

  4. Vineet Bhakhri; Measurement of the local high-temperature plasticity of gold using nano-indentation. Started in May 2005, completed September 2009 (sole supervisor)

  5. Bipasha Bose; Local time-dependent deformation of zirconium alloys. Started in September 2007, completed April 2012 (sole supervisor).

  6. Richard Oviasuyi; Investigation Of The Use Of Micro-Mechanical Testing To Analyze The Mechanical Anisotropy Of The Zr-2.5%Nb Pressure Tube Alloy. Started in January 2008, completed April 2012 (sole-supervisor).

  7. Meysam Haghshenas; Local plastic strain resulting from splined mandrel flow forming. Started in January 2009, completed April 2013 (sole-supervisor).

  8. Ariful Islam; Time dependent plastic deformation of gold micro-pillars. Started in September 2010, in progress (sole supervisor).

Masters of Engineering Science Theses:

  1. Rishi N. Saraf; Investigation of the creep behaviour of Al-based composites made by the powder metallurgy technique. Started in September 2000. Completed November 1, 2002. (sole supervisor)

  2. Fardad Azarmi; Investigation of the creep properties of SiO2 and NiAl particulate reinforced aluminum-based composites. Started in January 2001. Completed in January 16, 2003. (sole supervisor)

  3. Vineet Bhakhri; High temperature micro-indentation creep of aluminum-based alloys and composites. Started in January 2003, Completed on December 16, 2004. (sole supervisor)

  4. Jonathan Weiler; Correlation between mechanical strength and microstructural voids in die-cast magnesium. Started in January 2003, Completed on April 21, 2005. (co-supervised with J.T. Wood)

  5. Margaret Li; Mechanical properties of composite materials for biomedical applications. Started in September 2003, withdrawn from graduate program October 2004. (co-supervised with A. Rizkalla)

  6. Thamir El-Madhoun; Indentation testing of aluminum transfer to steel at high temperature. Started in September 2003, Completed on August 23, 2006. (sole supervisor).

  7. Yong Liu; Use of nano-indentation to measure the local mechanical properties of deposited metal layers used in MEMS devices. Started in May 2005, Completed in May 2008 (sole supervisor).

  8. Matthew Roy; Use of micro-indentation to measure the local plastic strain in steel automotive transmission components. Started in September 2005, Completed in October 2007 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  9. Bipasha Bose; Microstructural effects on the nanoindentation creep of a 2024 aluminum alloy at 300K. Started in January 2006. Completed in August 2007 (Sole supervisor).

  10. Philip Tomlinson; Finite element models of the local plastic strain incurred in steel parts during flowforming operations. Started in May 2006. Completed in August 2007 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  11. Ariful Islam; Finite element simulation of the local plastic strain state around pyramidal indentations. Started in January 2008. Completed in April 2010 (sole Supervisor).

  12. Probal Chanda; Local plastic strain incurred in steel parts during flowforming operations. Started in May 2008. Completed in September 2010 (sole supervisor).

  13. Brandon Vriens; Effect of process parameters on splined mandrel flow forming. Started in September 2010. Completed in December 2012 (co-supervised with J.T. Wood).

  14. Heygaan Rajakumar; Effect of ion irradiation on the high temperature deformation properties of structural materials for next generation supercritical water cooled nuclear reactors. Started in May 2012 (sole supervisor).