Publications since 2010


  • TR Jenkyn, PhD, PEng, S Arnold, J Wood, PhD, PEng.
    "Curling head for curling broom"
    Provisional patent with the United States Patent Office
    Filed: Jan. 14, 2010.
    Field of the invention: The present invention relates to a curling broom head for improved ice surface heating and curling performance.

    The patent is the result of my research with the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Curling Association. These new broom heads have been constructed in prototype form and were used by our men’s and women’s Olympic curling teams in the Vancouver Games.

Book Chapter

  • HB Kitaoka, MD, IJ Alexander, MD, TR Jenkyn, PhD.
    "Biomechanics" Chapter 124, Section VII: The Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery of the Joints, 3rd ed. Churchill Livingstone, New York, NY

Refereed Journal Papers

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