Current Research Projects

  1. Development of an open source automatic differentiation library and computational fluid dynamics code for conducting sensitivity analysis and design optimization in heat transfer devices for energy storage applications. Funding provided by NSERC Discovery Grant.
  2. Numerical modelling of wastewater treatment processes. Projects include filtration of solids from municipal wastewater using rotating belt filters, flocculation of primary wastewater, and biological treatmet using activated sludge reactors. Funding provided by NSERC CRD Grant with Trojan Technologies.
  3. Computational fluid dynamics modelling of photobioreactors using a coupled flow/biokinetics/radiation model developed in OpenFOAM. Collaboration with Prof. Damien Batstone at Advanced Water Management Centre (University of Queensland).

Open Source Code

  1. WEdiff (Western Engineering Automatic Differentiation Library) is a Python/C++ library that implements forward mode automatic differentiation for calculation of numerical derivatives of arbitrary expressions with machine accuracy. It is implemented using a class called 'FwdDiff' which stores both the numerical value and accumulated derivative with respect to designated input variables(s). All standard mathematical operators and functions are implemented for this type. The code is primarily implemented in C++ and can be used in a straightforward manner in the development of other C++ codes. It also includes Python wrappers generated using SWIG, enabling it to be used in the development of Python scripts as well.