Commercial Grade Equipment

ITG recommends that computing devices purchased or owned by Western Engineering come from a reputable manufacturer (Dell, Lenovo, HP) and are Commercial / Business Grade. Systems commonly available at the retail level are consumer-grade and designed to meet a price point with narrow margins, and overall quality is a secondary concern. These may be locally branded with components that change frequently over time, complicating the support process.

ITG has prenegotiated select Dell and Lenovo models for easier ordering through Mustang Market and directly through account representatives at these preferred vendors. Please see our page on device recommendations.

Advantages of Commercial / Business Grade Equipment

- Increased overall component quality
- Constructed with more durable materials, less plastic More durable keyboards for frequent desk use
- Non reflective screens / better viewing angles
- Built in VGA and Ethernet ports
- Liquid and bacteria resistant finishes
- Increased security components, data encryption capabilities and protection
- Longer warranty (3-year vs 1-year)
- Devices are constructed to allow for easier component repair / replacement
- Devices are constructed to outlive normal device lifespans
- Replacement part availability significantly better, especially after warranty periods expire
- Easier integration and ongoing support with standard software and operating system images used at Western engineering

More information is available in this short video:

Commercial PCs vs. Consumer PCs