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Some Examples of Publications

Micic, S., Gonsalves, S., Lo, K.Y. and Lardner, T. (2016).  Billy Bishop airport passenger tunnel, Toronto - Geotechical aspect of design.  The 67th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Lo, K.Y. (2013).  Case studies of underground development.  Keynote lecture at ICE-HKA and ASCE-HK Joint Annual Conference on From Cavern to Reclamation:  The Engineering Behind, Hong Kong.

Lo, K.Y. (2011).  The effects of deep excavations in soils and rock on adjacent structures.  The R.M. Hardy Address, 64th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Toronto.

Lo, K.Y.and Micic, S. (2010). Evaluation of swelling properties for the design of underground Structures. ITA-AITES 2010 World Tunnel Congress, Vancouver.

Lo, K.Y. and Hinchberger, S.D. (2006). Keynote Paper: Stability analysis accounting for macroscopic and microscopic structures in clays. In the Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Soft Soil Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, October 4-6, 2006, Balkema, The Netherlands.

Hawlader, B.C., Lo, K.Y. and Moore, I.D. (2005). Analysis of tunnels in shaly rock considering three-dimensional stress effects on swelling. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 42:1-12.

Lo, K.Y., Micic, S., Shang, J.Q., Lee, Y.N and Lee, S.W. (2000). Electrokinetic strengthening of a soft marine sediment. International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, 10:137-144.

Lo, K.Y. and Hefny, A. (1999).  Measurements of residual expansion rates resulting from alkali aggregate reaction in existing concrete dams.  Materials Journal, ACI International, 96(3):339-345.

Lo, K.Y. and Grass, J.D. (1994).  Recent experience with safety assessment of concrete dams on rock foundations.  Proc. Canadian Dam Safety Conference, Winnipeg, October 1994, pp. 231-250.

Lo, K.Y. and Hefny, A. (1993).  The evaluation of in-situ stresses by hydraulic fracturing tests in anisotropic rocks with mixed-mode fractures. Canadian Tunnelling 1993:59-73. (Also presented at the 11th Canadian Conference on Tunnelling, October 1993, Toronto).

Lo, K.Y., Ogawa, T., Lukajic, B., Smith, G.F. and Tang, J.H.K. (1991).  The evaluation of stability of existing concrete dams on rock foundations and remedial measures.  Proc. 17th Congress on Large Dams, International Commission on Large Dams, Vienna, Austria, June, pp. 963-990.

Lo, K.Y. (1978).  Regional distribution of in situ horizontal stresses in rocks of Southern Ontario. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 15(3):371-381.

Lo, K.Y. and Lee, C.F. (1973(b)). Analysis of progressive failure in clay slopes.  Proc. 8th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Moscow, 1:251-258.

Lo, K.Y. (1972).  An approach to the problem of progressive failure.  Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 9(4):407-429.

Lo, K.Y. and Morin, J.P. (1972).  Strength anisotropy and time effects of two sensitive clays.  Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 9(3):261-277.

Lo, K.Y. (1961).  Secondary compression of clays.  Journal of the Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division, ASCE, 87(SM4):61-87.  Also in Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Publ. No. 53, 1963.

Lo, K.Y. (1989).  Recent advances in design and evaluation of performance of underground structures in rocks.  Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 4(2):171-183. (Keynote Address, Proc. 6th Canadian Tunnelling Conference, Niagara Falls, October 1986).

Lo, K.Y. and Yuen, C.M.K. (1981).  Design of tunnel lining in rock for long-term time effects.  Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 18:24-39.

K.Y. Lo - Volumes 1 and 2

The K. Y. Lo Volumes 1 and 2 (2005). From Soft Clay to Hard Rock in Geotechnical Engineering. Contains selected papers in five areas with preludes, pp. 1935. (Available for purchase, please contact Cynthia Quintus at

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