Geotechnical Research Centre

Specialized Testing

TTC Tunnel Liners

The GRC consists of several modern research laboratories, numerous microcomputers and workstations, and extensive access to Western’s high performance computing assets. In addition to the standard geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory equipment, the following specialized equipment are available for projects.

The GRC performs various specialized tests in addition to those listed. Enquiries are welcomed.

Special Tests on Rock

The following list is types of tests offered:

Soil Testing

Varian ICP Analysis

Requirements for ICP analysis:

The prices in this table are per vial tests, including replicates and standards.

Note:  if analyses are run by the technician, an additional hourly rate ($45 internal, $60 external) will be billed.


  Number of Elements Analyzed    

   Price per Injection

CEE Department

               5 or less

               6 to 20

               more than 20




Other UWO Departments              

               5 or less

               6 to 20

               more than 20




Outside Contracts

               5 or less

               6 to 20

               more than 20