Geotechnical Research Centre

John Booker Award - Terms of Reference

Awarded to a full-time graduate student pursuing graduate studies in Geotechnical or Geoenvironmental Engineering based on academic achievement of a minimum of 78% and professional contributions to the engineering profession such as conference presentations, delegate to an engineering association etc. Preference will be given to students who are conducting research in computational geomechanics. Preference will also be given to candidates who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, but with consideration to visa students in their third or fourth year of graduate studies at Western. The recipient will be chosen by the executive members of the Geotechnical Research Centre and approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee of the Faculty of Engineering Science. All students who meet the criteria will be considered for the award. This award was established by the Geotechnical Research Centre to recognize the academic achievement and professional contribution of students enrolled in graduate studies in Geotechnical or Geoenvironmental Engineering.annually