Geotechnical Research Centre

Terms of Reference - William E. and Ruth Lardner Award

Awarded to a full-time graduate student entering the Civil and Environmental Engineering program who is conducting research in the area of geotechnical/structural interface (first preference) or geoenvironmental/ infrastructure interface and has at least one year of consulting or industry experience.  This award can continue for a second year if a student continues to meet the required criteria (only one student can hold this award during any year).  This award was established by William and Ruth Lardner.

Value:  1 at $12,000

How to Apply:  For more information, please contact the Geotechnical Research Centre.  Applicants must submit a one-page statement at the time of their application to the Geotechnical Research Centre describing their work history, reason for pursuing graduate studies and an outline as to how this award will assist them financially.  The recipient will be chosen by the executive members of the Geotechnical Research Centre and approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee of the Faculty of Engineering.  All students who meet the criteria will be considered for the award.

Application due date September 12, 2017.