Geotechnical Research Centre
  • Welcome to the Geotechnical Research Centre:

    Welcome to the Geotechnical Research Centre

  • SyNRGS2019:


  • Zone 1 Water main tunnel project

  • Axial compression test on groups of micropiles

  • Taking measurements of the actual diameter of the micropiles

The main purpose of the Geotechnical Research Centre (GRC) is to conduct geotechnical and related interdisciplinary research with emphasis on interfacing with industry. Western has a strong geotechnical program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn more.

DYNA6.1 Software


  • Returns the response of rigid foundations to all types of dynamic loads
  • Foundation can be supporting a single or multiple machines
  • Stiffness and damping constants of the foundation
  • Rigid footings, flexible mats (caps) on piles
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GRC Awards


  • William and Ruth Lardner Scholarship Award
  • Y.F. Eric and Ruby S. Chung Graduate Scholarship Award
  • Milos Novak Memorial Award
  • John Booker Award
  • R.M. Quigley Award
  • L.G. Soderman Award
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Clients & Projects


  • Billy Bishop Tunnel
  • Niagara Tunnel
  • Darlington Nuclear Plant
  • The Bow
  • Foundations for Wind Turbines
  • Seismic Helical Foundation System
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