The main purpose of the Geotechnical Research Centre (GRC) is to conduct geotechnical and related interdisciplinary research with emphasis on interfacing with industry. Western has a strong geotechnical program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn more.

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DYNA6.1 Software


  • Calculates dynamic stiffness and damping constants
  • Evaluates foundation reponse to dynamic loads
  • Foundation: shallow footing, caisson or pile group
  • Soil profile: homogeneous or layered
  • Dynamic load:  harmonic, transient, pulse or random
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GRC Awards


  • William E. and Ruth Lardner Graduate Award
  • Y.F. Eric and Ruby S. Chung Graduate Scholarship Award
  • Milos Novak Memorial Award
  • John Booker Award
  • R.M. Quigley Award
  • L.G. Soderman Award
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  • 2.2m drum centrifuge facility
  • Conduct world leading geotechnical research
  • Validation of theories and calibraton of analytical and numerical techniques
  • Modelling of prototype (full scale) geotechnical structures or processes
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