Postdoctoral Studies

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As trained researchers, Postdoctoral Scholars have the opportunity to make significant contributions to both the research environment at Western and to the field of Engineering.  Are you interested in becoming a Postdoctoral Fellow or Postdoctroal Associate in Western Engineering? Please contact the faculty member you would like to work with to serve as your faculty mentor.  You may visit our program page or access Contact Western for further details. 

In addition to finding the right supervisor, you will also need financial support.  Typically, you have three options: 

    1. A fellowship from an external agency;
    2. A fellowship or salary paid through a professor's grants or contracts;
    3. A fellowship or salary paid by a research unit of the University.

Also required is a formal appointment letter from your research supervisor, outlining the nature of the research planned, confirming how you will be paid (fellowship, salary), and other relevant details. 

The Postdoctoral Scholar appointment process at Western is administered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Mihaela Harmos, Postdoctoral Services Coordinator, is the primary contact for all inquiries related to appointments, as well as Banting and Elevate-MITACS funding competitions.