Process Control and Safety

Master of Engineering (MEng) in Process Control and Safety

The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario offers a professional Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program in “Process Control and Safety”. The program provides an opportunity for qualified applicants to improve their theoretical and practical skills. The flexibility of the programs enables students to be enrolled in courses directly related to their careers in different areas of Process Control and Safety.

Graduate level training is offered with main focus on control and safety in different fields. To satisfy the requirements for graduation, students must take three fundamental (core) courses to upgrade their knowledge and a minimum of two professional courses of their choice in summer.

Students must also take elective courses based in their area of interest. A minimum of 10 half courses is required for graduation. A research project may replace two elective courses. The project, which can be industry based (preferably) may require critical literature review, laboratory work, simulation and modeling depending on the project type. Students are also allowed to start their PhD upon successful completion of MEng program (subject to availability of position and supervisor agreement).

The recommended course load for a full time MEng student, starting in September, is four half courses per semester plus two professional engineering courses in summer. Students may select other graduate level elective courses offered by other departments upon consultation with the program advisor.

Students interested in admission to the program must have a bachelor’s degree in chemical/biochemical engineering or other closely related disciplines or an equivalent degree from an accredited university in Canada or other countries.

Core Courses:
Select at least one from each category:

1. a) Advanced Process Control (CBE 9461)
    b) optimization and Control in Chemical Engineering (CBE 9430)
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Chemical Engineers (CBE 9435)
3. Chemical Process Safety (CBE 9173)

Technical Elective Courses:
Technical elective courses are available in the department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and other engineering departments.

Note: Students may take other graduate technical courses related to their field of study across the university, subject to the approval of the program advisor.

Professional Engineering Courses: Please visit the department website for a complete list of professional Engineering courses offered across the Faculty of Engineering in summer.

Process Control and Safety - Course Requirements

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