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MEng Students:

Note: MEng students interested in a communications course can take MME 9670 (a Professional Engineering course) in the Summer term and therefore CANNOT be enrolled in Advanced Engineering Commincations (CBE 9100).

MESc/PhD students registered ON OR AFTER May 1, 2016:

Core Graduate Courses for all graduate students who registered BEFORE May 1, 2016:

CBE 9150 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CBE 9160 Transport Processes
CBE 9170 Mathematical Methods in Engineering
CBE 9180 Instrumental Methods of Analysis for Engineers
CBE 9190 Statistical Process Control
CBE 9250 Biomaterials Engineering
CBE 9260 Advanced Bioengineering and Biotechnology
CBE 9350 Physical Principles of Environmental Engineering
CBE 9450 Advanced Reaction Engineering
CBE 9550 Advanced Particle and Fluidization Engineering           

All other graduate courses are considered non-core courses.