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Compulsory Research Course

Note: CBE 9100: Advanced Engineering Communications is for all research-focused (MESc/PhD) graduate students who began their program on or after May 1, 2016.

CBE 9100 - Advanced Engineering Communications

The Advanced Engineering Communication Course is designed to enhance your ability to effectively communicate in these different contexts by introducing you to effective written, oral, and visual communication skills. Assignments/evaluations will make use of the graduate student¿s research data to translate course material into practical use.

Note: Students enrolled in MESc and PhD studies starting May 1, 2016 are required to take CBE 9100 before graduation.

TBA CBE 9100 E. Gillies TBA Fall 2017 Outline

MEng Course for non-engineering backgrounds

MEng Only Course

CBE 9110 - Chemical Kinetics and Equilibria (MEng)

This course is aimed specifically to graduate students who need a broad base introduction to the concepts of reaction rate, stoichiometry and equilibrium to the analysis of chemical reacting systems.

TBA CBE 9110 J. Herrera LEC: TBA
2015-16 Outline

Fall 2017 Courses

CBE 9160 - Transport Processes

This is a graduate-level course comprising momentum, energy, and mass transport. Principles of momentum transport (viscous flow), energy transport (heat conduction and convection) and mass transport (diffusion) will be covered. A variety of engineering examples will be provided to give students a feel for how momentum, heat and mass transport is applied in engineering practice and to develop an intuitive understanding by emphasizing the physics and physical arguments.

TBA CBE 9160 A. Ray TBA 2015-16 Outline

CBE 9211 - Advanced Biochemical Engineering

TBA CBE 9211 A. Bassi TBA 2017 Outline

CBE 9132 - Oil Processing

TBA CBE 9132 A. Prakash TBA 2014-15 Outline

CBE 9260 - Bioengineering & Biotechnology

This course will introduce graduate students to advanced topics in biochemical engineering. Students will be provided with an understanding of the underlying molecular biology of industrially relevant processes and will be introduced to modern techniques and practices in biotechnology and bioengineering.

TBA CBE 9260 L. Rehmann TBA 2013-14 Outline

CBE 9312 - Air Pollution

This course is an introduction to the diverse nature of the air pollution problem, and atmospheric dispersion of air pollutants. It introduces the student to aspects of physics, epidiology, legislation, chemistry, technology, meteorology, and dispersion modeling relevant to air pollution, and develops the basic skills required to evaluate air pollution problems.

TBA CBE 9312 M. Ray &
G. Nakhla
TBA 2017 Outline

CBE 9334 - Green Fuels

This course is intended to provide graduate students with advanced knowledge on green fuels and chemicals, the main, current and potential processes used to produce green fuels and chemicals.

TBA CBE 9334 F. Berruti &
C. Briens
TBA Fall 2017 Outline

CBE 9350 - Physical Principles of Environmental Engineering

To learn the fundamentals and applications of mass, momentum, and heat transport in environmental engineering; concepts of advection, diffusion, dispersion, settling, surface transfer, kinetics and equilibrium processes in air, water and soil; quantitative applications in natural environment and treatment systems.

TBA CBE 9350 M. Ray TBA Fall 2017 Outline

CBE 9550 - Advanced Particle & Fluidization Engineering

This course is intended to provide graduate students with advanced knowledge on particle technology and fluidization.

TBA CBE 9550 C. Briens TBA Fall 2016 Outline