Year 4 Technical Electives

Each student registered in the 4th year of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Program is required to take ELI4110F/G, MME4499, 1.5 credit non-technical elective (or 0.5 NTE if 1.0 NTE credits were completed in 1st Year) and 5 (2.5 credits) technical elective courses. The technical elective courses being offered by MME for the next academic year are given in the tables below. Students may also elect to substitute technical electives from other engineering disciplines or from the Faculty of Science, provided they have the required prerequisites, and provided that at least half of their technical electives are chosen from the MME list. A maximum of 2 courses may be taken from the Faculty of Science and used towards the MME degree. All courses outside the MME list must be approved by the Associate Chair Undergraduate of MME. Students with a minimum grade average (YWA) of 80 may also apply to the School of Graduate Studies to take (up to) two graduate courses offered by MME Dept in lieu of (up to) two technical electives (subject to approval by the 4th year counselor).

2023-2024 Technical Elective Options

Term A (September - December 2023) Undergraduate Courses

  • MME 4410 - Mechanical Engineering Thesis (1.0 credit)
  • MME 4428a - Selected Topics: Fundamentals of Nanoengineering Science (crossed w/CBE 4428a)
  • MME 4429a - Nuclear Engineering
  • MME 4437a - Advanced Topics in Computer Aided Engineering
  • MME 4450a - Control Systems: Theory and Practice
  • MME 4480a - Advanced CAE: Reverse Engineering
  • MME 4483a - HVAC I
  • MME 4485a - Fluid Machinery
  • MME 4487a - Mechatronic System Design
  • MME 4492a - Production Management for Engineers

Term A Eligible Graduate Courses

  • MME 9611 - Continuum Mechanics
  • MME 9614 - Applied Computational Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
  • MME 9615 - Biomechanics of Human Joint Motion
  • MME 9617 - Energy Conversion
  • MME 9620 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
  • MME 9622 - Advanced Kinematics and Dynamics
  • MME 9624 - Actuator Principles, Integration and Control
  • MME 9639 - Viscous and Boundary Layer Flow
  • MME 9651 - Additive Manufacturing
  • MME 9656 - Dynamical Systems Modeling & Analysis

Term B (January - April 2024) Undergraduate Courses

  • MME 4420b - Advanced CAE: Computational Heat & Fluid Flow
  • MME 4423b - Internal Combustion Engines
  • MME 4452b - Robotics and Manufacturing Automation
  • MME 4453b - Corrosion and Wear
  • MME 4459b - Advanced CAE: Manufacturing Technologies
  • MME 4460b - HVAC II
  • MME 4469b - Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System
  • MME 4470b - Medical and Assistive Devices
  • MME 4474b - Selected Topics: Functional Materials

Term B Eligible Graduate Courses

  • MME 9613 - Advanced Finite Element Modeling
  • MME 9621 - Computational Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  • MME 9623 - Theory and Practice of Plasticity
  • MME 9640 - Medical Device Design
  • MME 9641 - Thermal Systems Engineering
  • MME 9643 - Composite Processing
  • MME 9648 - Expermientation and Data Analysis
  • MME 9654 - Mechatronics Systems Engineering
  • MME 9658 - Micromechnics of Plasticity in Crystalline Solids

Courses taken in the past from other programs

  • AM 3303A/B (Nonlinear Ordinary Diff. Equations)
  • AM 3301A/B (Complex Variables with Application)
  • AM 3615A/B (Mathematical Biology)
  • AM 3813A/B (Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations and Chaos)
  • AM 3911F/G (Modelling and Simulation)
  • Astronomy 2232F/G (Sun, Earth, and Planets)
  • Astronomy 2801A/B (Observing the Stars)
  • BIOCHEM 2280A/B (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • CBE 4413A/B (Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering)
  • CBE 4428A/B (Introduction to Nanoengineering)
  • CEE 3355A/B (Municipal Engineering Design)
  • CEE 4405A/B (Air Pollution)
  • CEE 4480A/B (Wind Engineering)
  • CHEM 2213A/B (Organic Chemistry)
  • CS 1027A/B or CS 1037A/B (Computer Science Fundamentals II)
  • CS 2034A/B (Data Analytics: Principles and Tools)
  • CS 2210A/B (Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • Earth Sciences 2200A/B (Plate Tectonic Theory, Environments and Products)
  • Earth Sciences 2123A/B (The Dynamic Earth)
  • ECE 4460A/B (Real-Time and Embedded Systems)
  • GPE 3385A/B (Green Power)
  • Medical Biophysics 3330F (Human Biomechanics)
  • Medical Biophysics 3507G (Analysis of Oxygen Transport in Biological Systems)
  • Physics 2102A/B (Introduction to Modern Physics)
  • Physics 2110A/B (Oscillations and Waves)
  • Physics 2600A/B (Introduction to Medical Physics)
  • Physics 3326G (Computer Simulations in Physics)
  • Physics 3151A/B (Classical Mechanics I)
  • Rehab Science 3360A/B (Musculoskeletal Disorders in Rehabilitation)
Students are encouraged to seek and propose other courses of their personal interest.