Program Policies and Procedures


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Training
The University is committed to achieving barrier free accessibility for persons with disabilities studying, visiting and working at Western.

AODA training is required for all who interact with Western's "public" e.g. undergraduate student population.  Should a graduate student accept a Teaching Assistantship position, s/he is required to complete AODA training through WebCT.  Training is only required once.

Western ONECard
A Western OneCard functions as an identification card within the Western community.  The card also acts as a library card, meal plan card, and is also used for  building access.

A graduate student may obtain a card by visiting Western Student Services.  Proof of identity (i.e. passport, citizenship card, driver's license) is required in order to obtain the card.

The University uses the "" for all correspondence.  A student may wish to forward mail from this account to a private email address for easy access.

Email is the primary method of correspondence and as such, it is the responsibility of the student to check his/her email account regularly.

Building Access
Building access is handled through the MME graduate and departmental office.  Access will not be issued to a student until all required health and safety training has been completed and proof is provided to the MME graduate office.

Leave of Absence
A student may apply for a Leave of Absence on medical or compassionate grounds, providing justification/medical certification to the MME graduate office. This change of status request is made through the graduate student web services portal.  The recommended deadline for application is one month prior to the start of term.

Pregnancy/Parental Leave
A graduate student may apply for up to three (3) terms of leave, which must be started within twelve (12) months of the date of birth or custody.

A graduate student is eligible to a $1,500 bursary, provided s/he has been registered for at least one (1) term and is not receiving addition Tri-Council benefits.  A student must consult with both the GTA Union and a Benefits Counsellor in Human Resources.

Holiday/Vacation Leave
If a student is planning to be away for any length of time, s/he is required to complete and submit a student holiday form to the MME graduate office. This form requires the approval signature of the Associate Chair (graduate). 

Request for Enrolment Letter
An MEng professional student wishing to obtain an enrolment letter must do so through the Office of the Registrar (either in person or a request through his/her Student Center).  Note there is a seven (7) day turn around for the issuance of the letter.

Extension of Study Permit
An international student who intends to apply for an extension of his/her Study Permit, must provide the MME graduate office a copy of the payment receipt, which will be kept in his/her file.

An international student who obtains an extension of his/her Study Permit, must provide the MME graduate office a copy of the new Study Permit.


Procedure for a Missed Exam
The Faculty of Engineering has adopted the same policy regarding a missed examination, as the policy that is in place for an undergraduate student.  The official university policy may be obtained at:

A graduate student shall submit documentation as soon as possible, to the Graduate Coordinator in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, together with a request for relief specifying the nature of the accommodation being requested.

A faculty member must report any such absence to the Graduate Coordinator of the home department of the student.


Academic Records
Students should be aware it is their responsibility to regularly check their academic record and report any discrepancies to the MME Graduate Office.  Every student has access to their academic record through their Student Centre.

Scholastic Offences
Members of the University community accept a commitment to maintain and uphold the purposes of the University, and in particular, its standards of scholarship.  It follows, therefore, that acts of a nature that prejudice the academic standards of the University are offences subject to discipline.  Any form of scholastic dishonesty, including plagiarism, that undermines the evaluation process, also undermines the integrity of the University's degrees.  The University will take all appropriate measure to promote academic integrity and deal appropriately with scholastic offices.

A graduate student is entitled to appeal
in any situation in which he/she feels that s/he was not treated fairly.  It is incumbent on the student to first attempt to resolve the matter informally, at the earliest opportunity, with the person in authority who is most immediately involved, e.g. Course Instructor. In the event at a satisfactory resolution is not obtained, the student may then lodge a written appeal with the Associate Chair (graduate), within four (4) weeks of the issuance of the mark or ruling.


For more information regarding the appeals policies, please see the Western/SGPS regulations.


First Term of Registration
During the first term of registration and in consultation with the Associate Chair (graduate), a student shall complete a Proposed Program of Study.  The proposed program of study must indicate the topic and proposed set of courses.  These course may include undergraduate courses not for degree credit, required to make up deficiencies in the student's preparation for graduate work in engineering.  All such courses must be taken during the first year of registration.

A student must submit a revised form should any subsequent change be made to the original Proposed Program of Study.

Failure to submit a Proposed Program of Study by the end of the first term, may entail the denial of permission to register in further courses.

Continuous Registration
A student enrolled in a degree program must maintain continuous registration in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in each successive term from initial registration, until all requirements for the degree are completed.

An international graduate student must have a valid Study Permit.

Subsequent Terms of Registration
A graduate student is required to maintain a cumulative average of at least 70%, with no individual grade less than 60%.

Course Information

Graduate course enrolment must follow a student's Program of Study.  It is mandatory that all courses be selected in consultation with the Associate Chair (graduate).  Appropriate approval MUST be in place prior to any modification in the Proposed  Program of Study.  Any course appearing in the academic record that is not listed in the Proposed Program of Study, will be automatically deleted from the academic record.

Non-Engineering or Non-MME Engineering Degree
A student with a non-engineering or non-mechanical engineering background, may be required to take additional relevant courses, to provide fundamental understanding in order to complete his/her degree.
These ccourses must be taken during the first term of registration

Course List and Schedule
The course list and schedule will
be available each term, on the MME website as well as being posted on the graduate bulletin board outside MME office.  This list may be subject to change so it is advisable for each student to check this site regularly

A graduate student outside the MME program wishing to take a graduate course (credit or audit) offered by the MME department, must obtain approval from both the instructor and the graduate office, and meet all other criteria assigned

For course information pertaining to a program other than MME, please see the individual department website.

Course Enrollment

Graduate Course Enrolment
Effective January 2012 term,
a student can enrol electronically in a graduate course through his/her Student Center.  Closer to the start of each term, the student will be provided an information sheet outlining the instructions and process of electronic enrolment. 

Each student will be assigned a random appointment time to enroll in courses, and he/she will find the enrollment appointment date and time by signing into his/her Student Center.  Enrolment deadline for the Winter, Summer and Fall terms are: January 15th, May 15th, September 15th, respectively. The system is automatically closed each term after these dates.

Graduate Course Audit
The student must declare an intention to audit a graduate course by the enrolment deadline for the term, using the Graduate Course Audit Form. The student must have the instructor’s signed approval to audit the course, as well as approval from the Associate Chair (graduate). An Audit requires regular attendance and any other obligations as stated by the course instructor in the Comments/Expectations section of the form. If these requirements are not met, the audit will be removed from the student’s record at the instructor’s request.

After the enrolment deadline, a student may not make a change from auditing a course to taking it for credit, or vice versa, within a given term.

Undergraduate Course Enrolment 
A graduate student may take an undergraduate course without additional charge only if needed for his/her degree requirements, and with the approval of the Course Instructor and Associate Chair (graduate) and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. A ggraduate student wishing to take an undergraduate course must use the Graduate Student Taking Undergraduate Course form, and follow undergraduate regulations.

Graduate Enrolment in a Graduate Course Outside Home Program
A graduate student may enrol in a graduate course outside of his/her program, with permission of the
Course Instructor and home program, using the Request to Enrol in Graduate Course Outside Home Program form.

Course Drop

If a student wishes to drop a course,  he/she must complete a Request to drop form, obtaining the signature of the Associate Chair (graduate), and submit it to the MME office before the following deadline for each term: January 30th, May 30th, September 30th.

  • Course(s) dropped within one (1) month of the official beginning of the term will not appear on the academic record.
  • Course(s) dropped after the deadline date, but within eight (8) weeks of the beginning of the term stay on the academic record with the notation of "WDN" (withdrawn).
  • Course(s) dropped after eight (8) weeks from the beginning of term stay on the academic record and are recorded as "FAI" (failed).

Program of Study - MEng

The Professional MEng. program is a course-based degree comprising of 10 courses, or 8 courses plus a project if you change your status to the Project-based Professional MEng.

At the beginning of each student's program, the student will meet with the Associate Chair (Graduate Professional), to discuss which area you are best suited to, and the expectations of your program and timelines for completion.

The completed Proposed Program of Study must be submitted by the end of the first term of registration.  Failure to submit by this time, may entail the denial of permission to register in further courses.

Completion and Convocation

Each student must complete a clearance form before departing the Faculty of Engineering.

Once SGPS has accepted the candidate's SGPS-approved  electronic thesis, he/she has officially completed the thesis requirement for the degree. The candidate and program will receive email notification of thesis completion from SGPS.  Subject to approval by the University Senate, the candidate's name is placed on the convocation list. There are three (3) convocation dates: Spring (June), Fall (October) and In absentia (February).

In order to participate in convocation, each student must apply to graduate.  This is done through each student's Student Center.  This is the last step in securing completion of your graduate degree. 

Failure to apply to graduate, will result in not receiving a diploma, nor will the degree award be reflected in your academic record.

The student should make his/her own arrangements with the Office of the Registrar, if his/she is not attending convocation.  This includes receipt of diploma.

 Western University does not provide a lifetime email for convocated graduate students.  The account is closed  once the expiry date has passed.