Course List & Outlines

Please make certain to view our course enrolment regulations prior to enrolling in a graduate course. MME program forms are available on our website.

MEng Professional Courses

9500 - Introductory level offered primarily for the Professional MEng Program

9600 - Introductory and intermediate level core courses offered primarily on an annual cycle

9700 - Research level courses offered primarily on a bi-annual cycle

  • MME 9710a/b - Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • MME 9711a/b - Convection Heat Transfer
  • MME 9712a/b - Experimental Measurements in Fluid Mechanics
  • MME 9713a/b - Hydrodynamic Stability
  • MME 9714a/b - Intro Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
  • MME 9715a/b - Mechanism and Theory of Turbulent Flow
  • MME 9716a/b - Mechanics of Thin Films
  • MME 9718a/b - Theory of Elasticity
  • MME 9722a/b - Fuel Cell Science and Engineering
  • MME 9724a/b - Microfluids and Lab-On-a-Chip
  • MME 9726a/b - Advanced Nanomaterials
  • MME 9727a/b - Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • MME 9728a/b - Computer-Aided Geometric Modelling
  • MME 9729a/b - Optomechatronic Systems: Techniques and Applications
  • MME 9731a/b - Stochastic Dynamics and Stability of Mechanical Systems
  • MME 9732a/b - Biotransport Phenomena
  • MME 9750a/b - Selected Topics

Course outlines for our professional courses offered in the summer term may be found here.

Note: course outlines posted here may not be the most updated one.  Course outlines are updated and posted as they are offered in the current term. While course outlines may reflect slight changes regarding course content, new course outlines are in development regarding mode of delivery for Fall 2021.

The majority of courses offered in MME are half term courses

No Suffix 1.0 Course
A 0.5 course offered in the first term (Fall)
B 0.5 course offered in the second term (Winter)
A/B 0.5 course offered in the first OR second term
L 0.5 graduate course offered in the summer term
Y 0.5 course offered in other than a regular session