Information for New Students


Please make certain to present yourself to the MME graduate office upon arrival. If you are unable to arrive by this date, please inform the gradaute office as soon as possible, to avoid de-registration.

  • The deadline for completion of admission conditions (if applicable) is the end of the month of the first term in which a student starts his/her program: January 30th, May 30th, September 30th.
  • Your Western University email is the primary method of correspondence regarding your graduate studies. It is the responsibility of the student to check their Western University email account for messages; make sure you have enabled the forwarding option if you are going to use an alternate provider
  • All paper forms must be submitted and processed through our department. After obtaining any required signatures, please submit the forms to the MME Graduate Office.
  • The Graduate Student Policy Handbook is available on the MME department website.
  • Update your Student Center with your current address, phone numbers and emergency contact information.
  • Updates/extensions to your Study Permit, Citizenship Status or SIN, should be brought to the attention of the MME Graduate Office, in order to keep accurate records of information. Proof of documentation is required.


  • You are required to present your original valid Citizenship and Immigration Canada Student Authorization, as well as any other documents, if any, listed in your offer of admission.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the SGPS web page. All policies and procedures pertaining to the successful outcome of your graduate program are listed and updated here. Additional information regarding the Western Student Center, Academics, Thesis Information, Financial Information, as well as other Student and Career Resources is also here.
  • The University of Western Ontario utilizes several independent information systems to coordinate your academic and/or professional careers at Western. While access to these systems is maintained through one constant digital Western identity, it is important for you to understand the information and services that each of these systems can provide. More information may be obtained at
  • SGPS requires proof of your study permit (and extensions) at all times.
  • Should you apply for and receive Permanent REsidency stat at any time during your graduate studies, you are required to inform SGPS, as well as provide proof of documentation issued.
  • It is your responsibility to make certain your information and academic program information is completed within the deadlines, and the information is correct.


  • As part of a successful graduate student experience at Western, we encourage students to make their health and wellness a priority. Western provides several on campus health-related services to help you achieve optimum health and engage in healthy living while pursuing your graduate degree. For example, to support physical activity, all students, as part of their registration, receive membership in Western’s Campus Recreation Centre. Numerous cultural events are offered throughout the year. Please check out the Faculty of Music web page, and our own McIntosh Gallery Information regarding health- and wellness-related services available to students may be found at
  • Students seeking help regarding mental health concerns are advised to speak to someone they feel comfortable confiding in, such as their faculty supervisor, their program director (graduate chair), or other relevant administrators in their unit. Campus mental health resources may be found at


  • Where you go to obtain your student photo ID card and pay your tuition (if applicable).
  • Visit the Office of the Registrar’s central website which provides valuable information on tuition, fees, schedules, and convocation.
  • Your “Student Center” is a self service system that provides year round access to student records including, offer of admissions, academic records, and changes of address, personal timetable and registration for courses during certain times of the year. All students have access to the Student Center system. Please make certain to check your information and update it regularly.


  • Sets up your Western University email account. SGPS has provided you with confirmation of your Western email address in your offer of admission. Engineering also has an IT group that manages the Engineering computer labs.


  • Is required for all students, faculty and staff. Graduate students are required to complete the following trainings offered by Occupational Health & Safety: 1) Employee Health and Safety Orientation, 2) General Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Management, 3) WHMIS, and any other training deemed necessary by your supervisor. These are offered by Occupational Health and Safety Department.
  • You will need to complete the WHMIS-Comprehensive training online via WebCT; your registration for the other courses has been arranged (see your individual orientation packet for details). Once you have completed your safety training and obtained the certificate for each, please submit this to the MME graduate office (SEB 3002a).


Building access will be arranged upon arrival and you present yourself to the MME Graduate office. Should you change your status to the project-based Professional MEng and require lab keys, arrangements will be made upon completion and provision of the General Laboratory Safety - Hazardous Waste Management certificate. Please complete a key form and have it signed by your MEng Project Supervisor, and submit it to the MME office. This form as available on our website. A key form will be generated once a WHMIS comprehensive training certificates is provided to the MME graduate office and once approved, you will receive further instructions.


  • Home to a variety of confidential services specifically designed to meet student needs through the Writing Support Center, Indigenous and International Student Services, and other areas. They are a great resource for new students to Western, as well as continuing students, by offering a variety of activities for students, their spouses and families as you make the transition to Canada and Western a reality. Check out all SDC have to offer.


  • UHIP is mandatory health insurance coverage for non Canadian residents, with the cost included in your total tuition fee. Additional premium is payable for eligible family members within 30 days of your arrival.


  • If you are a Domestic Full-time graduate student, you are automatically enrolled in the SOGS health and dental plan. If you have alternate coverage and wish to opt-out, you must submit proof of coverage to the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS).


    • Phone or walk-in appointment is available. Western also has an on-campus pharmacy on the same level of UCC.

HOUSING INFORMATION is available from a variety of sources. A good place to start if you have not arranged housing or need a new place is at Western’s housing.


  • SOGS provides valuable information for international students.
  • If you are a Full-time graduate student, you are eligible to receive a bus pass, available each term.
  • Graduate Engineering Society (GES) in SEB 2084 is another for Graduate Students.


The Proposed Program form lists all the courses you plan to take during the entire period in our graduate program. You are responsible for ensuring this form is filled, in consultation with the Associate Chair (gradiate) and returned to the Graduate office before the end of your first term of registration. You must do so before the course enrolment deadline.

  • If you are requesting advanced credit, the form must be submitted before you enrol in any course, together with the appropriate course outline.
  • Should you wish to change your course selection (with the consent of your supervisor), a revised Proposed Program of Study must be resubmitted to the Graduate office, for the approval of the Graduate Board Chair.


Each term you will receive an email from the Graduate Office regarding tuition, registration and course enrolment. This email provides information regarding courses for the upcoming term, pertinent information regarding the procedure, and the enrolment deadline. As a new student, please consult with your supervisor, regarding the courses you will be taking.


A graduate student must present him/herself to the MME graduate office, where he/she will be provided with an Information Sheet for New Graduate Students. This sheet outlines important information regarding initial steps to be taken upon arrival.

The deadline for completion of admission conditions (if applicable) is the end of the month of the first term in which a student starts his/her program: January 30th, May 30th, September 30th.

Orientation sessions for new students are usually held in the first week of each term, and attendance is mandatory.

In addition, the School of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies also offers a university-wide orientation session.


As a graduate student in the Faculty of Engineering you are required to complete the health and safety training outlined below.It is also your responsibility to provide the proper documentation to your graduate coordinator proving that training has been completed.This is mandatory for all MEng studentS and subject to academic sanction (see below) if not completed within the first two months of your initial registration at Western.  Engineering also organizes several in-house sessions to facilitate your training requirements, and ou will be informed of session dates via email.

Employee Health and Safety Orientation (Work Safely at Western)

Accessed via your OWL/WebCT account. (click on The University of Western Ontario).  Once the test is completed, print the certificate and provide it to the graduate coordinator in MME.

WHMIS (Comprehensive)

Accessed via your OWL/WebCT account. Once the test is completed, print the certificate and provide it to the graduate coordinator in MME.

General Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Management - if you are registered in the project-based MEng

In-house sessions are offered in the Faculty of Engineering, or within Western University.Information regarding Lab Safety may be accessed through Human Resources.Once the test is completed, print the certificate and provide it to the graduate coordinator in MME.

Academic Sanction:

If a student does not complete the required Health and Safety Training by the end of end of the second (2nd) term of registration,record will be sealed. This will result in not being able to access ANY services on campus (i.e. library, campus rec, funding, etc.). In order to unseal record the student will need to see SEB 2079 with proof that of having completed health and safety training. THERE IS A $48 FEE to unseal record.

All Health and Safety training MUST be up-to-date.  Each student is required to update certification prior to date of expiry and provide it to the MME graduate coordinator in MME