Course Enrollment

Graduate Course Enrolment

Effective January 2012 term, a student can enrol electronically in a graduate course through his/her Student Center. Closer to the start of each term, the student will be provided an information sheet outlining the instructions and process of electronic enrolment.

Each student will be assigned a random appointment time to enroll in courses, and he/she will find the enrollment appointment date and time by signing into his/her Student Center. Enrolment deadline for the Winter, Summer and Fall terms are: January 15th, May 15th, September 15th, respectively. The system is automatically closed each term after these dates.

Graduate Course Audit

The student must declare an intention to audit a graduate course by the enrolment deadline for the term, using the Graduate Course Audit Form. The student must have the instructor’s signed approval to audit the course, as well as approval from the Associate Chair (graduate). An Audit requires regular attendance and any other obligations as stated by the course instructor in the Comments/Expectations section of the form. If these requirements are not met, the audit will be removed from the student’s record at the instructor’s request.After the enrolment deadline, a student may not make a change from auditing a course to taking it for credit, or vice versa, within a given term.

Undergraduate Course Enrolment

A graduate student may take an undergraduate course without additional charge only if needed for his/her degree requirements, and with the approval of the Course Instructor and Associate Chair (graduate) and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. A graduate student wishing to take an undergraduate course must use the Graduate Student Taking Undergraduate Course form, and follow undergraduate regulations.

Graduate Enrolment in a Graduate Course Outside Home Program

A graduate student may enrol in a graduate course outside of his/her program, with permission of the Course Instructor and home program, using the Request to Enrol in Graduate Course Outside Home Program form.

Graduate Student Outside home Program wishing to take a MME Graduate Course

A graduate student outside MME program wishing to take a graduate course (credit or audit) offered by MME Department, must obtain approval from BOTH the Instructor AND the MME graduate office, and meet all other criteria assigned by the Instructor and/or the MME program.
A graduate student must first obtain Instructor's signature and submit the signed form to the MME graduate office by the MME graduate course registration deadline for the term (4:00 p.m. January 15th, May 15th, or September 15th). Once approval is granted, it is the responsibility of the student to submit the form to his/her Home Program/Office of the Registrar so they may enrol the student in the course. Failure to complete and/or submit the form in the manner outlined above, will result in automatic removal from the course.

Program forms are available on our website.