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Dr. M. Capretz’s current research interests are:

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Current Graduate Students (PhD/MESc/MEng)

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Visiting Researchers and Undergraduate Students (USRA)

Past Post Doctoral Fellows


  1. Dennis Bachmann - MESc. (2017) Contextual Model-Based Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
  2. Wilson Higashino - Double PhD (2016) [Ontario Trillium Scholarship] Complex Event Processing as a Service in Multi-Cloud Environments, co-supervision with Prof. L. F. Bittencourt - UNICAMP)
  3. Mauro Ribeiro - MESc (2016) Agora: A Knowledge Marketplace for Machine Learning
  4. Daniel Berhane Araya - MESc (2016) Collective Contextual Anomaly Detection for Building Energy Consumption
  5. David Allison - Double PhD (2014) [NSERC CGS-D Scholarship] Protecting Personal Private Information in Collaborative Environments, cotutelle with Dr. Khalil Drira and Dr. Said Tazi- University of Toulouse)
  6. Alexandra L’Heureux - MESc (2015), [NSERC CGS-M & OGS Scholarships] Gamification Framework for Sensor Data Analytics
  7. Michael Hayes - MESc  (2014) [NSERC CGS M & OGS Scholarships] Contextual Anomaly Detection Framework for Big Sensor Data
  8. Chen Wang - MEng (2014) Green Button Data Standard for Event Management
  9. Sonam Yadav - MEng (2014) Managing Energy Data for Event Organizers
  10. Abhinav Tiwari - MESc (2014) Hybrid Data Storage Framework for the Biometrics Domain
  11. Katarina Grolinger - PhD (2013) [NSERC CGS-D & OGS Scholarships] Disaster Data Management in Cloud Environments
  12. Kevin Brown - MESc (2012) [NSERC CGS M & OGS scholarships]  A Collaborative Design Process for the Ontology-Based Development of Data Providing Services
  13. Abid Rana - MEng  (2012)  eHealth Cloud
  14. Leke Akinyele - MEng  (2012)  Cloud Computing in Medicine
  15. Zainab Al-Jazzaf - PhD (2011) [Kuwait Government Scholarship] co-supervision with Prof. Mark Perry (Computer Science) Trust Based Service Selection
  16. Diego Z. G. Garcia – PhD Double-Degree with Unicamp - Brazil (2011)  co-supervision with Prof. M. Beatriz F. Toledo -  Semantic Privacy Policy for Service Description and Discovery in Service-Oriented Architecture
  17. Wei Xu - MEng (2011) Software Evolution from Matlab to Java Web Service
  18. Shuying (Vinson) Wang– PhD (2010) [OGS Scholarship] A Dependency Based Impact Analysis Framework for Service-Oriented System Evolution
  19. Rizwan Tejpar – MESc (2010) [NSERC CGS M Scholarship] Auditing Framework for Event-Driven Service-Oriented Architecture
  20. David Allison - MESc (2009) [OGS Scholarship] Privacy Protection Framework for Service-Oriented Architecture
  21. Katarina Grolinger - MEng (2009)  Database Schema Evolution and Testing
  22. Hany El Yamany - PhD (2009) A Fine-Grained Security Framework for Service-Oriented Architecture
  23. Jinghui Lu - MESc (2009) - Service-Oriented Ontology Management Framework
  24. Na Na Lin - MEng (2007) Knowledge Management in Software Engineering
  25. Besa Muslimi - MESc (2007) [NSERC IPS Scholarship] - A Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Software Development Effort Estimation
  26. Jack Baker - MESc (2006) Autonomic Thread Load Balancing Using Fuzzy Logic
  27. Fabiano Tiba - MESc (2006) - Process Framework for the Transition to Service-Oriented Architecture
  28. Brent Hands - MESc (2005) [NSERC CGS-M Scholarship] - A Contour Placement and Novel Variance Analysis for the Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
  29. John Michura - MESc (2005) Extension of Object Oriented Metrics Suite for Maintenance
  30. Imran Siwani - MESc (2005) Application of Fuzzy Logic for Effectively Estimating Software Project Management Parameters
  31. Mary Hryb - MESc (2004) Software Integration Using a Dynamic Wrapper Agent
  32. Shengchun Zhang - MESc (2004) - Agent-based Process Management Model to enhance  Software Configuration Management Automation
  33. Sunitha Ramanujam - MESc (2003) Autonomous Database Administration and Maintenance

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