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Cloud Computing Platform for Sustainability Management

The main objective of this project is to create a software platform to manage and improve buildings' resources consumption while advancing cloud computing technologies. This project will explore the synergy of high-performance and availability requirements of the building's systems and cloud computing features through the creation of an extensible cloud-based platform for sustainability management

Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This research aims at developing a comprehensive SOA evolution management framework. SOA, as one widely accepted approach, aims to transform traditional enterprise information systems from a closed, centralized system into a dynamic information exchange with business process support. The expected results are advanced developments in the critical area of software evolution. Specifically, organizations with legacy systems will benefit from this study, as their systems require evolution in order to remain competitive. Accordingly, key aspects of SOA evolution will be investigated in order to develop such a framework comprising of three evolution stages: SOA migration, SOA adaption, and SOA evaluation.

Big Data Visualization for Smart Buildings

The challenges to be addressed in this project include Big Data visualization specific to sensor data, simple interface design to access complex underlying Big Data analytics, integration of virtual reality and real-time metering, and assembling the storage and processing capabilities needed by sensor Big Data.

Big Data Analytics for Energy Management

This project explores and advances Big Data analytics in the context of energy management. Smart meters data collect energy consumption following the Green Button Standard.   The objective of this research project is to devise a comprehensive software framework for monitoring energy consumption and analyzing data provided by smart meters as well as for developing energy-related software applications.  The two main components of this project are Energy Analytics Services and Energy Benchmarking Services.

Data Analytics for Online Content Management

The objective of this research project is to devise a generic and extendable software framework for on-line content management. Two main components will be developed: i) integrated data analytics services for click streams with other data such as weather and user location, and ii) a supply-side platform for advertising that will include an automated process for pricing online inventory.

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