WE Wellness

The Wellness Commitee at Western Engineering is here to help our Staff and Faculty with providing activities, resources and information to help contribute to all their employee's well being.  As a result of a survey conducted in April 2018, we have identified that you are interested in a variety of activities.  We will continue to post any new events or activities that are available and encourage you to attend and/or take part in in these intiatives that are of interset to you. 

Wellness Committee Members

Please contact us at wewell@uwo.ca if you have any questions and/or any ideas for activites or events. 

Current Western Engineering Wellness Events and Activities:


Social Events:


For more information regarding Western University wide, please visit Wellness & Equity Education


Current Western Wellness Initatives:

Western Exercise and Wellness Activities

Living Well @ Western Offers meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and more opportunities for physical, cultural and intellectual activities to improve your health and wellness.  Check out the upcoming Living Well and other activities on Western's Event calendar and the Western Wellness Calendar. (More)

Financial/Pension/Retirement Planning

To assist members in understanding and evaluating their responsibilities and options, Huamn Resources Services offers several education and communication programs.  These can help you to plan and monitor progress on your journey towards your retirement goals. (More)

Living Well @ Western

Living Well @ Western is a cross-campus initative designed to encourage and promote a wide variety of physical, cultural, and intellectual activities to improve health and wellness at Western. (More)

Campus Recreation

Memberships to the Western Student Recreation Centre are available to faculty and staff members.  They have excellent facilities including a pool, group classes, personal training, all at an affordable price.  Visit Campus Recreation to become a member. (More) 

Time Management

Effective "time management" is an important workplace competency.  Human Resources at Western offers a course "Improving Professional and Personal Productivity" for new, experiences, and emerging leaders at Western who are in a formal leadership role, or if you role inculdes leadership of projects, committees or work groups. (More)

Ergonomics Program

The Ergonomics Program at Western was developed to assist staff and faculty work safely, efficiently and optimize their comfort.  The ergonomics website was designed to help Western's employees modify their own work areas with the goal of improved safety, comfort and efficiency.  Employees are invited to review the website and call the Ergonomics Specialist with questions or request a free ergonomic consultation. (More)

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) offers 24/7 access to confidential emergency telephone support for all employees.  Full-time and other eligible employees and members of their immediate family also have access to a range of EAP services including confidential, face-to-face or secure web-based counselling. (More)

Mental Wellbeing

There are things each of us can do to take care of ourselves - our minds and our bodies.  Exercise often, sleep well, cultivate friendships, set realistic goals and learn to deal with stress.  Most importantly, seek help when it is needed. Western has a number of resources that you may access as a faculty or staff member. (More)

Global Corporate Challenge

For the third year in a row, Western is stepping up to the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  This challenge makes living a healthy and active life easy and fun to do by taking teams on an exciting 100-day vitual journey around the world.  The steps you rack up all count toward your team's virtual journey around the world. (More)