Steven Killing, BESc'72

President, Steve Killing Yacht Design


Mr. Killing received the Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal in 1982.

Q & A

How did your Engineering degree launch your success?

This was definitely a direct relationship. Before I went to Western I had a hope, and it was only a hope, that I could end up as a yacht designer. On the advice of George Cuthbertson and C&C Yachts, I obtained my Engineering degree and upon completion applied to them for a design position. They accepted me, and I have been designing yachts, canoes, and powerboats for 44 years now. The engineering background has been essential to my profession.

Why do you value your Engineering degree?

I have to admit that the degree is not the focus in my work (although I do wear the iron ring with pride), but it is the solid background in problem solving and experimentation that I value most from my time at Western.

What would you consider your most treasured memory from your time as a Western Engineering student?

I was a very keen student and spent a good deal of time in the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel doing my fourth year project on a study of sailboat sails. That led to a summer job under Dr. Davenport and the advanced testing techniques were impressive - often well above my head.