John W. Jardine, BESc'65

Former City Engineer, Corporation of the City of London


Mr. Jardine received the Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal in 2001.

Q & A

Any advice you would offer an incoming Engineering student?

I would tell the students to realize it is one of the most memorable times of their lives. Enhance your individual abilities not only in engineering, but in social and communication skills as well . Have a good time but what you learn will dictate your future success in your chosen careers.

Why do you value your Engineering degree?

My Engineering degree qualified me to work in a number of different fields throughout my career in engineering and management. The work required to complete my courses and graduate, the ability to analytically solve problems, make decisions and manage new challenges was instilled in gaining my Engineering degree from Western.

My Engineering degree and my years at Western allowed me to experience many opportunities both professionally and personally that I never would have thought possible and to do many of the things I never would have imagined I would have the opportunity to experience both professionally and personally.

What would you consider your most treasured memory from your time as a Western Engineering student?

My most treasured memories are of all the friends I made many of whom I have kept in contact with since leaving Western. Many of my friends have made significant contributions to their profession and to society and Western was a significant contributor to their successes.