Henry Yip, BESc'73

President, C'andcee Development
Former CEO DriveABLE
Former Executive Vice President, Allstream


Mr. Yip received the Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal in 1998.

Q & A

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Canada is the richest country in the world in terms of cultural diversity. Canadians are a People that is not defined by singularity in heritage, religion or ethnicity. Canadians are known around the world to be kind, generous, courteous and welcoming. We govern ourselves effectively and productively by taking advantage of our diversity. We are ready to defend our ideal and extend a helping hand to others. As a Canadian, I am proud not because of where we came from but for who we are.

How did your Engineering degree launch your success?

I was a foreign student with no social relationship or family support to assist me in finding job opportunities. As a result, I did not have good summer jobs during the four year course that could help me to land a good engineering job upon graduation. It was the Engineering degree from Western that opened doors for me for multiple job offers from high quality companies after graduation. The technical aptitude and the broader engineering business knowledge I acquired from the four years of study, allowed me to excel in my first engineering job and paved the way for a successful career at the most senior levels of several business enterprises.

Any advice you would offer an incoming Engineering student?

The technical knowledge gained through the courses is valuable. You should acquire as much of it as possible. The value of successfully completing an Engineering degree is much more than the acquisition of technical expertise. The four year course is highly stressful. You must learn to handle competing demand, reconcile conflicting viewpoints, work as an effective team member and above all, learn to manage a balanced life style. Those things are part of valuable learnings that would differentiate your effectiveness in a highly competitive business world awaiting you.