Boris Jackman, BESc'72

Former Executive Vice President of Refining & Marketing, Suncor Energy Inc.


Mr. Jackman received the Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal in 2007.

Q & A

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

Having had the opportunity to visit and live in other countries around the world, I'm always happy to come back HOME. Here are a few differentiators that I believe makes Canada unique and me proud.

    • Freedom to live our lives as we see fit – I remember visiting relatives in China in the early 80’s. They simply cannot grasp the concept  of being able to select the curriculum/vocation of my choosing. It was not until they explained how they were “streamed” at an early age, did I understand that freedom was something that I just  took for granted growing up in Canada.
      • Vastness and Beauty – coast to coast. Tough to beat!
        • Diversity – multiculturalism is embraced and seen as a source of strength or advantage  not a division.
            • We are a polite society – I get that wherever I travel. “Canadians! You folks are nice!  Eh!“ . Always nice to hear although the “eh” becomes less amusing and more annoying after the 50th time.

          What would you consider your most treasured memory from your time as a Western Engineering student?

          For me, it’s the relationships forged during my time at Western. There is a small group of us that have been in close contact since first year. We have endured the good times and challenging times, geographic dislocations, kids and grandkids. It’s been great!

          Why do you value your Engineering degree?

          It’s a versatile degree. It has enabled me to start in the technical/operating side of the business before moving through marketing, planning and executive management. I always valued the opportunity to work the entire value chain from “ raw materials to cash”.