Potential Supervisors

Faculty Member
Research Interest
H. Abdolvand Solid mechanics and finite element modeling of materials; Thermo-mechanical characterization of materials; Synchrotron x-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction; Atomistic modeling or dislocation dynamics; Ion irradiation of materials. 
S. Asokanthan Dynamics and Control; Inertial Sensing and Applications; Nonlinear and Stochastic Mechanics; Rotating Flexible Multi-body Systems.
K. Coley High temperature kinetics, process modeling, slags, transport properties, oxygen steelmaking, and ladle metallurgy.
L. Ferreira Medical Mechatronics; Implantable Transducer Design; Biomechanics of Major Joints; Computer-aided Systems for Orthopaedic Surgery.
J.M. Floryan Fluid Mechanics; Hydrodynamic Stability; Flow Control; Numerical Algorithms; Moving Boundary Problems; Immersed Boundary Conditions Method.
T. Jenkyn Orthopaedic Biomechanics; Advanced Medical Imaging; Muskuskeletal Computational Modeling; Injury Cusation Biomechanics; Sport Science.
L. Jiang Research focuses on theoretical modeling and numerical simulation to develop mechanics and physics models for challenging problems related to materials behavior, ranging from traditional composites, to smart materials, and to nanostructured materials. Research topics include multiphysics modeling on smart materials and soft matters for transduction technology applications, computational mechanics modeling on composites, nanomechanics, and failure analysis of advanced materials.
E. Johlin Nanophotonics; Optoelectronics; Photovoltaic Materials and Devices; Nanofabrication; Optical Modeling; Algorithmic Optimization; Semiconductor Properties.
J. Johnson Orthopaedic Biomechanics; Implant Design Analysis; Joint Motion and Load Transfer.
R. Khayat Theoretical Fluid Dynamics; Free Surface and Interfacial Flows; Hydrodynamic Stability; Micro-Convective Heat Transfer; Newtonian and Complex Fluids.
R. Klassen Micro-mechanical Properties of Materials; Microstructure/Mechanical Property Relationships.
G. Knopf Engineering Design; Geometric Modeling; Laser-Micro-Fabrication; Optical Devices and Systems; Bioelectronic Biosensors.
E. Lalone Biomechanical laboratory that integrates biomechanical and imaging innovations to understand joint structure and function at the hand and wrist.  Other projects areas include kinematic analysis/force measurement of finger motion during activities of daily living.  Assistive devices and interventions for primary prevention of MSK disorders and solutions for self-care strategies for patients.
D. Langohr Design and analysis of orthopaedic joint replacement implants, computational and in-vitro tribological assessments of interacting surfaces, finite element analysis of mechanical and biological structures.
H. Mao Head biomechanics, Traumatic brain injury, Mechanisms of brain dysfunction, Impact biomechanics, Blast biomechanics, Constitutive modeling of soft materials, Solid and structural mechanics, Human safety and protections, Biomedical engineering.
M. Naish Mechatronic Systems; Computer-Assisted Surgery and Therapy; Surgical Robotics; Sensing Systems; Surgical Training; Medical Devices; Robotics.
K. Ogden numerical and analytical research to further understand mixing waves, and hydraulic processes in coastal flows.
A. Price Smart Material Actuators and Sensors; Mechatronic Systems for Industrial Automation and Biomedical Applications; Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Materials; Conductive Electroactive Polymers and Composites; Magnetic and Thermal Shape Memory Materials.
E. Savory Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Human Health.
H. Shi Designing the next generation of sustainable functional materials for additive hierarchial manufacturing across multiple length sclaes.
K. Siddiqui Experimental Fluid Mechanics; Turbulence; Interfacial Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer; Alternative Energy Systems; Energy Conversion.
A. Straatman Computational Fluid Dynamics; Porous Materials; Convective Heat Transfer; Turbulence.
X. Sun Nanotechnology; Nanomaterials; Clean Energy Fuel Cells; Lithium Ion Batteries; Energetic Materials.
R. Tutunea-Fatan Primary research is in the area of ultraprecise single point cutting (USPC). This newly-developed technology - conceived as a merge between the conventional five-axis computer-numerically controlled (CNC) machining and single point diamond cutting - has found numerous applications in surface functionalization. Through this technique, an array of micro- or nano-structures are added to the external surfaces of various industrial components in order to augment their optical, hydro-phylic/phobic, oleo-phylic/phobic, icephobic, antifouling (to name a just a few) properties and/or behaviour. Additional research interests include computer-aided design/manufacturing/engineering techniques related to high-volume fabrication of composite components as well as the development of advanced computer-based methods for visualization and/or representation of complex geometries as encountered in the broader context of virtual orthopaedic surgeries.
R. Willing Orthopaedic Biomechanics; Biomedical Implant Design and Analysis; Computational and Experimental Biomechanics.
J. Wood Structure - Property Relationships; Lighweight Structural Materials for Automotive Applications; Magnesium Die-Casting; Composite Materials.
C. Zhang Computational Fluid Dynamics; Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flows; Vapor Liquid Two-Phase Flows; Combustions and Emission Controls.
Y. Zhao Energy storage materials, Nanomaterials and naotechnology, Batteries; Surface and interface engineering; Advanced materials characterization


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