Frequently asked questions

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What should I do first - contact professors or apply?

If I provide my CV and GPS, will you tell me if I qualify for admission?

I want to apply to several different programs - can I submit just one application?

Here is my university contact information - you can contact them about my documents.

I uploaded documents that were assessed by an evaluation organization (such as World Education Services.

A Professor or the Head of my Department has signed my transcripts /and/or diplomas.

Do I require a GRE score?

I failed my TOEFL/IELTS by only 1 point - can I still be accepted?

Will you accept a re-assessment of my score if I contact the TOEFL/IELTS test center?

Can I receive a waiver or conditional admission regarding my English Proficiency?

I was taught in English - why do I have to provide an English Proficiency score?

I can only provide hard copies of my reference letters - will you accept them?

Can I apply for any scholarships you have?

When will my application be considered?

When will I know about my application?

Can I start my program online?

What are the quarantine requirements for students arriving in Canada from abroad?

My application is complete - why haven't I received an offer?


If you are experiencing difficulty with the electronic application, please email

or contact the dedicated phone line 519-850-2341