Application Information

In order to have a successful application, it is important to understand the application process in our department.

The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure all documents required are submitted by our deadline. Please carefully review all responses.  Once an application is submitted, it is not possible to make changes unless you contact The School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies or The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Admission Criteria for each Degree

**Each applicant is only considered for the degree to which he/he applies to. It is an applicant's responsibility to apply to the correct degree (MEng/MESc/PhD), as we do not "switch" application consideration.

General Criteria

  • 70% or B- (North American Equivalent) in order to be considered admissable for the Professional MEng Program.

  • 78% or B+ (North American Equivalent) in order to be categorized as fundable for the MESc/PhD.

  • Assessment is based on the last two years of full-time study, or the last twenty courses.

  • Equivalency conversion to Western's scale is taken from various university grade conversion scales as per university regulation.

  • Factors that may also be considered may include publication record, industrial experience, and merit.

  • Note all students accepted into the MESc/PhD research program receive financial support that covers tuition fees and basic living expenses.

The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure all documentation required is submitted prior to our posted deadlines:

Financial Support (MESc/PhD)

  • Contingent upon maintaining a minimum 70% cumulative average and satisfactory progress in research, funding is provided on a term by term basis for full-time graduate research students for the first two years of the MESc and the first four years of the PhD, in the amount of tuition plus a MINIMUM $13,000 per year.  Upon completion of the comprehensive examination, each PhD student receives tuition plus MINIMUM $14,000.
  • If a student transfers from the MESc to the PhD, funding is provided for the first five years and each student receives tuition plus MINIMUM $14,000 the first term upon completion of the comprehensive examination. 
  • Continued funding beyond the two, four or five year period is conditional on availability of funds from the supervisor. There is no guarantee of funding beyond the period stated in the offer letter.

Funding Sources

  • Funding is provided from a variety of sources for eligible students who meet our funding criteria. A student may receive support in the form of a tuition scholarship, teaching assistantship, and/or graduate research assistantship. Funds may sometimes be unevenly distributed each term, and a graduate student is expected to budget his/her finances on the basis of the total yearly support outlined in the offer letter.


If you are experiencing difficulty with the electronic application, please email

or contact the dedicated phone line 519-850-2341