Research Focus

  • Micro- and Nano-sensor instrumentation and integration for autonomous and remote sensing applications

Research Groups

  • Nanophotonic Sensors Engineering (NPSE) Research Group:
    • Hybrid Photonics Micro-and nano-sensors
    • IR and THz Plasmonic Sensors
    • Opto-mechanical Sensors
    • Bio-photonics Sensors
    • Bio-chemical (micro-pH) Photonic Sensors
  • Remote Sensing Instrumentation (RSI) Research Group:
    • Multispectral camera imagers customized for UAV/ Mobile Robots – Remote Sensing applications
    • XRD Instrumentation Miniaturization for Mars Rover


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My Research Group

Research Associates

  • Aref Bakhtazad - Dec, 2006 - present

Graduate Students

  • Michael Zylstra
  • Brett Poulsen
  • Nicholas Mitchell
  • Kelsey Doerksen (co-supervised with Dr. K. McIsaac)

Undergraduate Students

  • Sanjayan Kulendran


  • Surabhi Mittal
  • Amith Gujjula
  • Hao Jiang
  • Anna Sauer (co-supervised with Prof. Savory)
  • Xuan Huo
  • Jan Markowski
  • Anil Mudraboyina
  • Rajat Dey
  • Touraj Manifar
  • Hossein Hojjati
  • James Hodgson
  • Spencer Ling

Opportunities In My Group

Ongoing research projects are available for  Ph.D, M.E.Sc. and M.Eng students. If you are interested in joining the group send me an email with your CV and grades. Please note that while all emails will be read, responses will only be sent if there is a potential fit for a current open position in the group.