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Book Edited

A. Fenster and J.C. Lacefield, eds., Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2015.

Selected Journal Publications

  1. M.R. Lowerison, J.J. Tse, M.N. Hague, A.F. Chambers, D.W. Holdsworth, and J.C. Lacefield, “Compound speckle model detects anti-angiogenic tumor response in preclinical nonlinear contrast-enhanced ultrasonography,” Med. Phys., vol. 49, pp. 99-111, 2017.  [Abstract]

  2. O. Mansour, T.L. Poepping, and J.C. Lacefield, “Spread-spectrum beamforming and clutter filtering for plane-wave color Doppler imaging,” IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelect. Freq. Contr. (Special Issue on Ultrasound Flow Measurement and Imaging), vol. 63, pp. 1865-1877, 2016.  [Abstract]

  3. M.R. Lowerison, M.N. Hague, A.F. Chambers, and J.C. Lacefield, “Improved linear contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging via analysis of first-order speckle statistics,” IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelect. Freq. Contr., vol. 63, pp. 1409-1421, 2016.  [Abstract]

  4. S.Z. Pinter, D.-R. Kim, M.N. Hague, A.F. Chambers, I.C. MacDonald, and J.C. Lacefield, “A method to validate quantitative high-frequency power Doppler ultrasound with fluorescence in vivo video microscopy,” Ultrasound Med. Biol., vol. 40, pp. 1908-1917, 2014.  [Full Text]

  5. J.S. Bax, C.S.R. Waring, S. Sherebrin, S. Stapleton, T.J. Hudson, D.A. Jaffray, J.C. Lacefield, and A. Fenster, “3D image-guided robotic needle positioning system for small animal interventions,” Med. Phys., vol. 40, article 011909, 2013.  [Full Text]

  6. M. Elfarnawany, S.Z. Pinter, and J.C. Lacefield, “Improved objective selection of power Doppler wall-filter cut-off velocity for accurate vascular quantification,” Ultrasound Med. Biol., vol. 38, pp. 1429-1439, 2012.  [Full Text]

Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. M.R. Lowerison, A.F. Chambers, H.S. Leong, N.E. Power, and J.C. Lacefield, “Reduced variability of contrast-enhanced ultrasound perfusion estimates in a patient-derived xenograft tumor model via analysis of speckle statistics,” IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IEEE Ultrason. Symp. Proc., paper P1-C4-2, 2017.

  2. O. Mansour, T.L. Poepping, and J.C. Lacefield, “An improved spread-spectrum method for high-frame-rate color Doppler ultrasound imaging,” IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IEEE Ultrason. Symp. Proc., paper P1-B3-9, 2017.

  3. E. Hysi, L.A. Wirtzfeld, A. Al-Mahrouki, N. Law, M. Elfarnawany, J.C. Lacefield, G.J. Czarnota, and M.C. Kolios, “Implications of tumor oxygenation and blood flow for cancer treatment monitoring using photoacoustic imaging and power Doppler,” IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, abstract P1-A7-4, 2017.

  4. M. Lowerison, S. Fedyshyn, S. Prokopec, P. Boutros, A. Chambers, J. Lacefield, N. Power, H. Leong, “Drug resistance consequences of tumor heterogeneity in metastatic renal cell carcinoma using ultra-fast patient derived xenografts and multiregional genomic sequencing,” American Urological Association 2017 Annual Meeting, J. Urol., vol. 197, p. E965, 2017.

  5. M. Lowerison, H.S. Leong, Y. Fedyshyn, A.F. Chambers, J. Lacefield, and N.E. Power, “PDXovo: Ultra-fast in vivo drug sensitivity matrices for renal cell carcinoma patients prior to administration of targeted therapy,” AACR Patient-Derived Cancer Models Meeting, Clin. Cancer Res., vol. 22, no. 16 (suppl.), abstract A09, 2016.

  6. O. Mansour, T.L Poepping, and J.C. Lacefield, “A beamforming method for plane-wave Doppler imaging of high flow velocities,” SPIE Medical Imaging 2016, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9730, article 9790-30, 2016.