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Main research areas:

Power System Protection
   ● Numerical Protection of Power Systems
   ● Protection of HVDC Power Transmission Systems
   ● Protection of Renewable Energy Systems, Active Distribution Systems, and Microgrids

Control of Emerging Power Systems
   ● Control of HVDC Power Transmission Systems
   ● Control of Microgrids and Renewable Energy Systems

Power System Transients


The objectives of our research at the Power System Protection Lab are:

   ● Enabling/facilitating large-scale integration of renewable energy resources in the power grid
   ● Increasing the reliability and quality of the electrical energy supplied to consumers
   ● Increasing power system stability and preventing blackouts
   ● Protecting power system components against damages
   ● Development of advanced technologies for electric power transmission and distribution

Research Facilities

Schweitzer Engineering

Power System Protection Lab

Room TEB 318
Thompson Engineering Building
Western University
SEL Lab Picture 1
SEL Lab Picture 2

GE Innovation Lab

Room TEB 320
Thompson Engineering Building
Western University
GE Lab Picture 1
GE Lab Picture 2