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Frequently Asked Questions


I am applying for one of your research programs (MESc or PhD) - should I contact Professors first or apply?

Faculty members are unable to determine suitability until each application is assessed. Therefore, please submit a completed application first.

What is my GPA? How do I know if I meet the requirement (70% or 78%)?

International students may have a different grade-point system than Canada. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine if your grades will translate to the 70% or 78% required average to be offered admission to our programs. If you have questions about calculating your average, please call our admissions helpline at (519) 850-2341.

I have submitted my application, but I have yet to hear from the department about my admission?

The MEng program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is very competitive. There are hundreds of applications each term that must be carefully examined to determine the best candidates for the program. This can take time. Please be patient with the process. The Graduate Coordinator will try to ensure that updates are given to applicants throughout the process. Usually decisions are made within the first two month prior to the term of admission.

The MESc and PhD programs require a supervisor to gain admittance into the program. You will need to contact faculty members with familiar research interests. The faculty directory for Chemical and Biochemical Engineering can be found here.

If I submit my transcript and CV to the department, can the department let me know if I qualify before I apply?

We are unable to determine suitability until each file is properly assessed by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS). If applying for the MESc or PhD programs, you are welcome to ask faculty members for support before applying, but understand that they will be unable to determine your GPA without an application.

Do I require a GRE score?

No, our department does not require a GRE score.

My ELP scores do not meet your program requirements. Can I still be accepted?

All international applicants must obtain the MINIMUM scores in overall and individual sections of each test. If you were unsuccessful, you will need to re-take and re-sbumit the test and make arrangements to have the new scores forwarded to Western University.

Can I receive a waiver or conditional admission regarding my English Language Proficiency?

A waiver is only provided to students who have studied in an English-speaking country at an English-speaking University/College for at least two years. Otherwise, conditional admission will only be granted if a student is accepted to attend either WELC or CultureWorks prior to their enrollment in the department. For more information about admission requirements to our Graduate programs for International students, please click here.