Research Group

Member of the Applied Electrostatics Research Center

Research Interests

The majority of research interest and activities have been in the field of Applied Electrostatics. This involves the application of electrostatic forces to practical application in industry and society.

Electrostatics is defined as the branch of science where electrostatic field effects predominate over magnetic field effects. This implies that the ratio of voltage to current is large or, in circuit terms, the impedance of the device is very large. Projects have been carried out in the following areas:

  1. Electrostatic precipitation (air pollution control)
  2. Electrical coronas (ozone generation)
  3. Electrostatic painting and powder coating (manufacturing)
  4. Electrophotography (copying and printing)
  5. Electrostatic separation (plastics and minerals)
  6. Electrostatic crop spraying (agriculture and the environment)
  7. Electrostatic coating (coated abrasives)
  8. Numerical simulation of various electrostatic processes