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Student Contacts and Testimonials

Adalberto Lazo-Castro, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2014 –

Most of the things I learned in PEME I get to see and use in the automotive industry (my internship job), such as:
Robotic welding, metallurgy (heat treatment of steels), GD&T, CAD, machining with mills to make parts for cars, CNC machining to cut sample pieces for tensile testing and also CMM and Quality assurance aspects to see if parts have been made correctly and within specified tolerances.  I believe the knowledge I have gained throughout the PEME program has really helped to my advantage and will definitely help me to be a better engineer after I graduate.

Katelyn O’Gorman, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2015 –

The PEME program is an excellent opportunity to build upon what you learn at Western. The practical aspect really helped me gain a better understanding of the theory I had already learned. Also now being back at Western, I can better grasp the theory I'm learning based on my practical experience gained at Fanshawe. I strongly recommend participating in the program, especially if you prefer a hands-on or practical application type learning style.

Veronick Martinuzzi, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2014 –

Practical Elements in Mechanical Engineering offer students the opportunity to develop hands-on skills, designed to augment the foundational knowledge established through Western Engineering's curriculum. This serves to strengthen student's technical analysis capabilities, allowing for greater understanding, and working knowledge, of modern processes employed today by many of the world's leading manufacturers.

Tyler Barnwell, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2014 –

I enjoyed learning how to use multiple tools and machines on a daily basis at Fanshawe. The professors were very knowledgable and helpful. The following summer I got my first engineering related job because of the practical experiences I learnt

Julia Tsaltas, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2015 –

After completing the PEME program, I feel like I now have a better fundamental understanding of various manufacturing design processes that will benefit me as a new graduate in industry.

Phillip Gibson, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2013 –

Taking part in the Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering program is the best choice I have made since making the decision to attend Western University. The comprehensive courses have provided me with practical knowledge that has, and will continue to, give me the competitive edge in my university studies and professional career.

Jonathan Fernandez, PEME 2011-12, MME Class of 2013 –

After finishing the PEME program I am much more conscious of manufacturing capabilities, component availability, and product assembly during the engineering design process. I now have the confidence to describe to a potential employer how a product can be designed as well as manufactured effectively.

Alexander Kopacz, PEME 2010-11, MME Class of 2013 –

Throughout this year I have seen myself grow as an engineer. The amount of useful information and skills we have developed will greatly help us in our future careers.

Chris DeLoyer, PEME 2010-11, MME Class of 2013 –

This program has reduced the learning curve once I get into a full-time engineering position. The program gave me a better feel for what I could be doing in industry because of the teacher's personal experiences and how that came through in their classes.