Is there an enrolment cap in the PEME program?

  • The enrolment cap is set by Fanshawe College. 

What is the cost of the PEME program

  • Students accepted into the program will be required to pay a fee of $400 to Western to be enrolled in the ES2274A/B (and ES 2275A/B) externship program, and tuition at a to-be-announced rate to Fanshawe for the PEME Certificate program. The Western fee maintains your enrolment in the engineering program while you attend Fanshawe for the PEME program. The Western fee also gives you library and internet privileges at Western since you are still registered as a student. The Fanshawe tuition will be invoiced to you through the College since you will be considered a regular student of the College for the period of enrolment.  

What about my other options at Western?

  • Students may combine the PEME program with all other options available to them at Western including concurrent and combined degrees, Summer Co-op and IIP. Upon completion, students will have a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree from Western and a PEME certificate from Fanshawe College. The two programs are entirely separate and there is no advanced standing in either direction. The PEME program is likely to give students a decisive market advantage in design and manufacturing jobs.

Will this affect my academic record at Western?

  • Upon successful completion of the certificate program (minimum 60% average with no failures), the students will receive a certificate of completion from Fanshawe College. In addition, a grade of “Pas” will appear on the student's Western transcript for the courses ES 2274A/B and ES 2275A/B – Engineering Externship. If a student does not successfully complete the PEME program, a grade of “fai” will appear on the students Western transcript. Fanshawe will provide a separate academic record with the completed courses and their corresponding grades. Note: passing the PEME program is not a prerequisite for maintaining good standing in the MME program at Western.

Will enrolment in PEME affect my Western Scholarships?

  • All continuing Western scholarships will be deferred while you are at Fanshawe taking the PEME program. The scholarships will resume upon returning to Western in September the following year.

What about OSAP?

  • Applications to OSAP for financial assistance during the PEME program must be made through Fanshawe College.

Am I still eligible for Varsity Athletics?

  • You will not be eligible to play varsity sports at Western if you attend the PEME program from Sept to April.  You may participate in intramural sports at either institution.

Where do I get my bus passes?

  • As you are a full-time student of Fanshawe College for the PEME Program, bus passes and student plans will be available to you through Fanshawe College.

What about Services for Student with Disabilities (SSD)?

  • Fanshawe College has an analogous program to that offered at Western. Students will be required to provide all necessary information to the College to be eligible. Students will be encouraged to consult with the Student Life Office at Fanshawe College to discuss accommodation prior to starting the program in September. Although every effort shall be made to accommodate students with disabilities, Fanshawe College reserves the right to deny entrance to the program for individuals with disabilities that may pose a health and safety risk, or prevent them from achieving the program learning outcomes.

May I take other courses at Western?

  • Students enrolled in the PEME program will not be allowed to take courses at Western during the same period.

Summer Co-op?

  • Students enrolled in the PEME program are strongly encouraged to enroll in the summer co-op program at Western for the summers preceding and following the PEME program.

May I still take the Internship Program (IP) at Western?

  • Students who elect to take the PEME program are still eligible to take the Internship Program at Western. If this is the course of action, it is recommended to take the PEME program following the first or second year of your engineering program leaving the period after third year for the Internship Program.