Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering

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What is PEME?

Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering (PEME) is an externship developed by the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Western University in collaboration with Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Unique in Canada, PEME is a formal avenue for students to enrich their knowledge of the mechanical engineering profession by taking courses in machining, welding, metrology, and other practical hands-on skills.  The externship is completed at Fanshawe College, offering Western Engineering students the option to complement their university learning with the practical skills offered at the community college level.

Who can take PEME?

Enrolment in the PEME externship is open to all Engineering students after completion of their first year of study.

How will PEME help me as an engineer?

Upon graduation, you will have a Bachelor of Engineering Science (BESc) degree from Western and a Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering Ontario College Graduate Certificate from Fanshawe College.  Not only will these credentials look good on your resume, you will also have practical insight into how things are made and this will enable you to have a more immediate impact in design and manufacturing.

News updates

PEME course helps to prepare engineering students for industry

By Agnes Chick | May 26, 2011 |
The first group of 13 students to complete the new Practical Elements in Mechanical Engineering program offered through Western’s Mechanical & Materials Engineering department and Fanshawe College now has the practical skills to put them at the top of the industry’s graduates. [read more

Partnership helps builds ‘useful’ engineers

Western News | January 20, 2011|
When mechanical engineering students leave university, they have a steep learning curve ahead of them on the job. But for some students at The University of Western Ontario, this is about to change.[read more]