MME Student Award Recipients 2016-17

Graduating Awards

The graduating awards were presented at the Engineering Awards Ceremony following the Convocation ceremony on Friday, June 16, 2017.  The terms of reference for these awards are available here.

  • The John E.K. Foreman Gold Medal in Mechanical Engineering :  David Axford
  • ASHRAE Award :  Joel Reed
  • Donald D.C. McGeachy Award for Materials Engineering :  Bennet Heidenreich
  • The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Medal :  Peter Serles

Fall Awards

The ceremony was held on November 17, 2016.  The terms of reference for these awards as well as the application instructions are available here.

  • Andrade Family Awards in Engineering : Antonio Bosnjak
  • Andrade Family Awards in Engineering : Maggie Little
  • Andrea Bailey Memorial Award : Lina Tawfik
  • ASHRAE Award : Calvin DeLancey
  • Chorley & Bisset Ltd. Consulting Engineers Engineering Award :  Lucas Allaer
  • Donald P. Morris Engineering Award : Lucas Allaer
  • Emco Scholarship :  Antonio Bosnjak
  • Ian Duerden Memorial Award : Alexander Kiar
  • Lynda Diane Shaw Memorial Award : Luisa Valencia Vega
  • Ontario Power Generation Award Program :  Maggie Little