Q&A with Keston Anderson

The opportunity to complete a combined degree with the Ivey School of Business and Western Engineering is extremely unique amongst Canadian Universities.

Keston Anderson

Third Year Mechanical Engineering


Keston is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Keston.

Do you remember when you decided you wanted to pursue engineering? What sparked your interest?

I knew I wanted to explore engineering when I was in grade 7. I participated in a program run by Queens University where some classmates and I got to spend 3 days living and working at Queens. While I was there, I signed up for the engineering program, meaning I got to take “engineering” courses. We spent time working on various projects and challenges such as designing successful egg drops, making paper airplanes, and racing marble tracks. Although as it turns out my courses like calculus and thermodynamics today are very different from those ones, they still sparked my interest in engineering and figuring out how things work.

Why Western Engineering?

At Western, we say engineering is a team sport. When I was touring schools, at most of them I heard about keeping a “competitive average” or trying to do better than your classmates to secure a spot in the program of your choice in second year. Western was the only school I found that promoted teamwork and collaboration, which spoke volumes to me about the atmosphere here. I’m glad to say it turned out to be true. Whenever I’ve needed help on an assignment or concepts in class, there’s always someone I can turn to who can provide some support.

Can you talk about your extra-curricular activities at Western (clubs, teams, volunteer work, outreach activities, athletics etc.)? Why would you encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities at Western Engineering?

Since first year, I’ve been involved in WECCA, which stands for Western Engineering Concrete Canoe Association. Each year the club’s goal is to design and cast a canoe made entirely out of concrete. In first year, I was drawn to this club because I’ve been canoeing almost my whole life, and I thought this was a fun way to combine my personal interests with my academic aspirations. Each year we’re always focused on ways to improve our canoe from past years, but the team dynamic of our club is truly what makes it the most fun for me. The people on the team are very fun and welcoming, and I always look forward to getting together at our club meetings and social events!

Study tips for current/future students?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! The great part about taking courses at university is there are always places to go if you’re struggling with course material. My go-to is always to ask my friends if they understand a concept or a tricky problem, but there’s tons of other options too. Over my time at school, I’ve worked with three different tutors, emailed profs and TAs for help, and contacted the undergraduate academic counselling office as well.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love the outdoors. During all four seasons I enjoy hiking, camping, or various sports depending on the temperature outside. In winter I get out skiing whenever I can, and during the rest of the year I love canoeing, biking, and swimming.

During high school I was heavily involved in music, playing both French horn and trumpet in bands at competitions. Whenever I’m home I try to get my instruments out and play through my old pieces again.