Q&A with Avery Dechief

Western has a tremendous amount of resources that allow me to achieve anything I believe I can.

Avery Dechief

Third Year Civil Engineering


Avery is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Avery.

Why Western Engineering?

I chose Western Engineering because of the common first year. I realized that engineering was the perfect fit for me because my favourite class in high school was calculus. I love engineering because I can put my knowledge to work and solve real problems that benefit many people. Western has a tremendous amount of resources that allow me to achieve anything I want to. 

Why Civil Engineering?

I chose civil engineering because in my first year, my favourite course was statics. I really enjoy civil because I can physically see what I learn and the effects of it. I am now in my fourth year of structural engineering with international development. I love international development as it allows me to use my engineering knowledge uniquely. It enables me to view problems from a different perspective.

Can you talk about your extracurricular activities at Western? Why would you encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities at Western Engineering? 

I am currently the Co-President of the Women in Engineering club and have been involved since my first year. Having been with the club for my entire time at Western and seeing the club grow and evolve, it brings me pride to now be the Co-President. I strongly encourage everyone to get involved in at least one club or build team. If you can start in your first year and commit, you will see many wonderful opportunities arise from your commitments. Many of my closest friends have been made through my extracurriculars. I can’t imagine my Western Engineering experience without the clubs and teams. 

Can you talk about your experiential learning experiences?

I completed a long-term co-op, 16 months, between years three and four. I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone who wants to be a practicing engineer. Completing the co-op provided me valuable work experience where I was able to make meaningful contributions, compared to what is possible in a four-month term. In addition, the co-op provided my confidence in my capabilities. It made me excited to graduate and join the workforce. 

Favourite study spot on campus?

My favourite study spot on campus is the CMLP atrium. It is always quiet, and you can usually find a spot to work. The atmosphere is calming with the natural light, raw wood, bubbling fish tank, and fresh greenery. I consider it the secret gem of the engineering buildings.