M.Eng. Robotics and Control

In order to fulfil requirements of the MEng Program in Robotics & Control you have to successfully complete either 8 required courses & 2 non-technical courses OR 6 required courses, 2 non-technical courses & a research project. The required courses for this program are listed below (a project is equivalent to two courses).

Note: On-line self enrollment for graduate courses through Student Center. Follow Login into the Student Centerto enroll.

For any other course of interest, such as courses outside ECE, undergraduate or audit courses that are related to your stream, please see Dr. Parsa, M.Eng. Program Coordinator before submitting the course enrolment form. Department approval is required for any course that is not listed on this page. Please submit the appropriate form to the ECE Office with all the required signatures before the deadline. Forms can be found on SGPS website under Course Enrollment.

Students who received an offer of admission for Winter 2019 or prior will be grandfathered into the old MEng Program structure. If you have any questions or concerns, please see the your Graduate Program Coordinator or email ecegrad@uwo.ca 

Robotics Option

Required Courses - *Tentative - subject to change*

Semester Course # Course Title Instructor
Fall 2022 ECE 9013 Programming for Engineers D. Manias
Fall 2022 ECE 9014 Data Management & Applications
Fall 2022 ECE 9053 Robot Manipulators A. Trejos
Fall 2022 ECE 9056 Linear Systems and Modern Control Theory L. Brown
Winter 2023 ECE 9047 Sensor Networks & Embedded Systems J McLeod
Winter 2023 ECE 9039 Machine Learning
Winter 2023 ECE 9156 Robot control I. Polushin
Summer 2023 ECE 9020 Software Engineering for Human-Computer Interface Design R. Eagleson

Non-Technical Courses

Semester Course # Course Title Instructor

Summer 2023

ELI 9001 Engineering Business TBA

Summer 2023

ELI 9100 Intellectual Property TBA
Summer 2023 ELI 9105 Strategic Innovation Commercialization TBA

Summer 2023

ELI 9110 Risk Assessment and Management TBA

Summer 2023

ELI 9300 Planning and Project Management TBA

Summer 2023

ELI 9310 New Venture Creation TBA
Summer 2023 ELI 9600 Engineering Communications TBA