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M.Eng. Robotics and Control

In order to fulfil requirements of this program you have to take at least 3 core courses, 2 non-technical courses, with rest of the courses chosen from a suggested list (a project is equivalent to two courses).

Note: On-line self enrollment for graduate courses through Student Center is now available. Follow Login into the Student Center to enroll.

If taking a course as per the list of suggested courses for your field please note that there is no need to see Dr. Parsa for approval. For any other course of interest, such as courses outside ECE or audit courses that are related to your stream, please see Dr. Parsa, M.Eng. Program Coordinator before submitting the course enrolment form. Please submit the appropriate form to the ECE Office with all the required signatures before the deadline. Forms can be found on SGPS website under Course Enrollment.

Robotics Option

Core Courses

Semester Course # Course Title Instructor
Fall 2018 ECE 9013 Programming for Engineers *required course*  TBA
Fall 2018 ECE 9014 Data Management & Applications *required course*  TBA
Fall 2018 ECE 9056 Linear Systems and Modern Control Theory L. Brown
Fall 2018 ECE 9053 Robot Manipulators A.L. Trejos
Winter 2019 ECE 9153 Robot Control I. Polushin
Winter 2019 ECE 9057 Advanced Digital Control Systems M. Kermani
Summer 2019 ECE 9020 Software Engineering for Human-Computer Interface Design R. Eagleson

Suggested Courses

Semester Course # Course Title Instructor(s)
Fall 2018 ECE 9031 Advanced Digital Signal Processing V. Parsa
Winter 2019 ECE 9038 Wireless Communications: Design & Simulation X. Wang
Winter 2019 ECE 9072 Numerical Methods for Analysis and Design of High-Speed Electrical Circuits A. Dounavis
Winter 2019 ECE 9023 Random Signals, Adaptive and Kalman Filtering V. Parsa
Winter 2019 ECE 9047 Sensor Networks & Embedded Systems TBA

Non-Technical Courses

Semester Course # Course Title Instructor Schedule Start day

Summer 2018

ES 9510 Engineering Planning and Project Management TBA

Summer 2018

ES 9010 Intellectual Property for Engineers TBA

Summer 2018

ES 9670 Engineering Communication TBA

Summer 2018

ES 9185 Risk Assessment and Management in Engineering Systems TBA

Summer 2018

ES 9501 Engineering Business TBA