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Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Travel Award

A.   Award Schedule and Eligibility

The departmental travel awards are assigned in three competitions per year. Approximately $15,000 is available annually. Any funds not allotted will roll over into the following competition. The student must be presenting at a conference to qualify for funding. A travel application can only be submitted once. Each Travel Award Application is eligible for a maximum award of $500.

Conference travel dates Application Due Date Awards announced by Funds available
January 1 to April 30 May 15 June 15 Up to $4,000
May 1 to August 31 September 15 October 15 Up to $7,000
September 1 to December 31 January 15 February 15 Up to $4,000

B.   Submission Procedure

The graduate student has to submit the following to the ECE graduate coordinator:

Please note that this process is different from the process to be reimbursed. Once a travel award is approved, the student will need to submit an expense report (here), by clicking on the purple square “Western Financials Login”.  Once the expense report is submitted, please print a copy and attach your original receipts to this and submit to the ECE graduate coordinator for approval. 

C.   Graduate Student Travel Award Allocation

These awards are administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and allocated by the department’s Graduate Committee. Eligible students will be awarded $500 to cover part of his/her travel expenses of attending a conference to present research work the student conducted at Western as part of his/her current graduate program requirements. To be eligible for a travel award, a student must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The committee selects awardees out of students applied for the award based on a point system procedure. In this procedure, each applicant is allotted 100 points as baseline. The applicant's total points will be calculated by adding or subtracting points based on the following table:

Condition Added points
Applicant received award by conference where presentation is given +30
International conference +10
Awarded travel award once in past 12 months -20
Overtime Student at time of Paper Submission -20
Applicant not first author in the article's authors list -30
Awarded travel award twice in past 12 months -40

After obtaining total points of each applicant, a list of applicants sorted according to the total points will be compiled. Finally, the committee will use this list to award applicants starting from the one with the highest points and moving down the list until available travel award funds are fully allocated.



Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research

The ECE Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research recognizes excellence in research by a graduate student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Western University. The Award will provide a way for members of the Electrical and Computer Engineering community to appreciate and celebrate research achievement of their most outstanding graduate students. The ECE Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research will consist of a certificate and carry a cash award of $500. The Award will be presented during the annual ECE graduate symposium.

Terms of Reference

The ECE Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research is intended to recognize research achievement of work while the student is conducting his/ her graduate degree at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Western University.

Only full-time graduate students currently registered in an ECE graduate program are eligible for nominations.  Nominations for overtime students at the time of nominations are not accepted.

Every year, two awards are available for PhD students and one award is available for MESc students. A graduate student can receive the award only once.

If there is no suitable candidate in a year no award will be made.

The nomination package must include the following:


Nominations will be received by the ECE Office.

The Award will be adjudicated by a committee chaired by the ECE department Chair and consisting of the Associate Chair (Graduate) and three faculty members appointed by the ECE department council (at least one committee member has to be from outside the department).