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Collaborative Graduate Specialization in Artificial Intelligence 

The Graduate collaborative specialization in Artificial Intelligence (CASI) is to be jointly offered by the Computer Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Programs. The CSAI enhances the education and research of a graduate student in one of the participating programs by adding a module to their program of study which will provide training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a strong focus on artificial intelligence methodologies and enabling technologies with applications in their core research area. The goals of the programs are: i) to provide an excellent foundation in the techniques and methodologies used in AI; ii) to encourage interdisciplinary actions in AI e.g., by fostering collaborative research; iii) to train students to recognize the broader ethical and social implications of AI.

Eligibility: Only full-time M.Eng. & M.E.Sc. students in the Software Engineering program are eligible to be considered for this program. Acceptance to the program to be approved by the Director, in consultation with the ECE Graduate Program. 

How to Apply: Please contact the ECE Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Program Requirements: