Chemical and Biochemical EngineeringWestern Engineering

Course Outlines

Winter Term (Term B) 2018

                     CBE 2207B Industrial Organic Chemistry II (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 2221B Fluid Flow (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 2224B Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 2291B Computational Methods (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 3310B Process Dynamics & Control (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 3323B Staged Operations (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 3324B Mass Transfer Operations (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 3319B Intro Plant Design & Safety (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 3395Y Chemical Engineering Laboratory (2017-18 Course Outline)
                     CBE 4403B Bio-separation Processes (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 4409B Wastewater Treatment (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 4420B Computer Process Control (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 4422B Nano-biotechnology (2018 Outline)
                     CBE 4485B Fuel, Energy and Environment (2018 Outline)

Green Process Engineering Courses (GPE)

                    GPE 2214B Green Chemistry II (2018 Outline)
                    GPE 3382B Fundamentals of Green Eng & Safety (2018 Outline)
                    GPE 3386B Sustainability & LCA (2018 Outline)
                    GPE 3395Y Green Process Engineering Laboratory (2018 Outline)
                    GPE 4497Y Process Plant Design (2018 Outline)


Fall Term (Term A) 2018

Winter Term (Term B) 2016-2017